Im trying to use JIRA for my IOT device inventory, would that be possible in scale?

odi_paneth March 5, 2020

I am currently managing (ill explain what that means later) my IOT device inventory in JIRA, i am afraid that when I hit scale JIRA would not be able to manage over 100K devices. can someone share his experience on this? 


What I do currently is holding the IOT ID's as entities in JIRA, while having entities that describe all other related data to the device: what country is it, what location, project, etc. 
each device has a status (good, in repair, waiting for repair, available for use etc.).


I use JIRA to lookup specific devices, create agg. reports and ticketing for my maintenance crew (repairing the devices at their locations, of exchanging them).


can this be done in JIRA? should I consider moving my inventory needs to other systems but leaving the ticketing on JIRA?

some advice would be great. 

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John Mustac February 20, 2024

The current published limit for cloud is 1 million asset objects so i recommend going down this path. We dont have any customers anywhere near this limit but many doing what you want - managing IOT devices. Btw Atlassian is working to lift the limit to 3 million. 

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Stanislav Shumlianskyi November 26, 2023

Hi Odi,

since this post was published, have you continued to manage your devices?

Just curious how it is going or maybe Jira is not the right tool for that.

Maybe you have nice suggestions, cause I'm currently interested in playing with this approach.

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Alexander Eck [Tempo]
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March 6, 2020

Have you looked into Insight

odi_paneth March 7, 2020

I have seen it, but did not get the impression that this would facilitate working at 100K devices scale.  

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