How to stop users seeing a project board

I need to grant access to some external contacts, and only want them to be able to see 1 project board. 

Can you please help? The articles are not very straight forward.



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Dear Marissa,

A board is available to all users who can view the filter on which the board is based. (Note that they will also need 'Browse project' permission for the project(s) whose issues are shown on the board.)

To configure a board:

  1. Select Boards > All Boards from the top navigation bar.
  2. On the All Boards screen, find the desired board and click Configure.

Then you will have to edit the board  filter settings;

This one should be shown when configuring the board.

Filter Query: project in (EXAMPLE) ORDER BY Rank ASC

So, in this board filter you should make it so that only certain groups can see it. You can for example share it with certain groups or projects.

Friendly Regards,

Jeremy Mooiman

Jeremy Mooiman Community Champion Oct 31, 2017

@Marissa Arrows

No worries! Have you been able to fix it? If not, I will be glad to help you.

Unfortunately not - I really don't use Jira that often and find it very complicated to set permissions 


I just want to have 4 users only have access to 1 board / project



Jeremy Mooiman Community Champion Nov 02, 2017

Dear @Marissa Arrows

I see! Well, I suppose that.. by now.. your problem has been resolved :-)?

Friendly Regards,


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Hi @Marissa Arrows

If you want external contacts to have access then they will need permissions to a Jira project where your issues are. Those issues are then pulled into a board.

Have you seen these instructions?

Please make sure you test this first. Let me know how you get on. Happy to walk you through this if easier.

Kind regards


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