How do I use Automation to edit Jira Issue description and use Emoji's and Info Panels etc

Alistair Paton July 25, 2022

I've created a very useful Story description field layout for our Project that I'd like to use as a template across every new Story that is created. The plan was to create an automation that edited the Description field of a Story when it was created.

The problem is that when I try to paste the Story description field template into the automation process it only copies the text and none of the emoji's or info panels.


2022-07-25 16_56_09-Automation - Jira.png

I've tried pasting the Story into an external site to grab the HTML and then paste this into the automation process but this just displays HTML in the description when the Story is created.


2022-07-25 16_57_36-[PRJ-979] Test of automation - Jira.png

Is it possible to use Emoji's and Info panels in the automation process?

How do I go about adding this to the automation process?

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Ville Lahdenvuo November 8, 2022

Hey Alistair, I figured out how to add emojis after some painful testing.



  1. Firstly you need to find out the low level character codes (surrogates), luckily some sites list them.
  2. So once we have the emoji code in Java e.g. "\uD83D\uDE80" for the rocket emoji we can simply insert it in the.. no wait, not so fast.
  3. We need to create a string and Jira doesn't let us do that in the templates directly. The easiest way is to use the Create Variable step with the name "rocket" and get an empty slice of an existing string, that way it can be reused:
  4. Finally in the template we can insert our emoji:





P.S. If someone can find a less painful way to do this, I'm all ears.

Vladimir Volkov September 7, 2023

An easier option at Windows machines could be inserting emojii at text as-is with embedded emojii picker (Win + . (dot)) 🚀

One may mention here, that for some old emojiies like 1️⃣. 2️⃣, etc. its worth to add header like h3. 3️⃣ to be rendered as it should

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Monica Morris February 23, 2024

@Ville Lahdenvuo The solution you shared worked perfectly for me - I was able to create the emoji variables using your solution, and then use those smart values in different places on further actions in my automation rule.

Thank you so much for going through that painful testing and sharing your solution so clearly, I really appreciate it!!

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July 25, 2022

Hi Alistair, I'm not sure if emojis can be added via automation but maybe some of these similar questions can help you figure out if it's possible. 

As for panels, I have a few automations that add comments to issues with panels added to the comments. This is done through advanced format wiki markup. Modify this URL to include your site name and it should take you to the wiki markup help page.

Here's an example of a panel that uses the same color as the "Info" panel macro in Confluence. 


When I created this automation I spent time to grab the RGB values of all the Confluence panel macros and cross referenced them against Atlassian's design documentation: To save you the trouble I'll list them below.

  • Info
    • Name: B50 - Pixie Dust
    • Hex: #DEEBFF
    • RGB: 222, 235, 255
  • Note
    • Name: P50 - Lavender Secret
    • Hex: #EAE6FF
    • RGB: 234, 230, 255
  • Success
    • Name: G50 - The Smell
    • Hex: #E3FCEF
    • RGB: 227, 252, 239
  • Warning
    • Name: Y50 - James Blonde
    • Hex: #FFFAE6
    • RGB: 255, 250, 230
  • Error
    • Name: R50 - Rosie
    • Hex: #FFEBE6
    • RGB: 255, 235, 230

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