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My managing Director is not receiving email notifications.

I add him as a watcher to every task, and even if I mention him in a comment or add him as an assignee or reporter, he is not receiving notifications.

I checked all settings, and it looks like everything is ok.

What can I do about it? It is frustrating as using Jira was my idea to improve communication in my workplace.


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I took a look on the backend and checked for all suppression entries (i.e. email blocks and bounces) that match the given domain and users on your system and there were no entries found so nothing is being blocked on our end.

My best guess would be the possibility of an email rule that is flagging the messages from the system as spam or deleting notifications in the inbox.

Have the affected user check the inbox filter rules for any blocks that may have been set in error.


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Hi @Katie Weclewska and welcome to the community,

A user can turn off all notification from his/her profile. If that is the case, he will not receive most of notifications. 

email notificationsw.png

Can you confirm that he is part of a role/group which is notified during specific events?

And does he has the necessary permissions to view all said issues?

We checked everything. All notification are on.

@Alex Koxaras , we checked and tried everything. What else can we do?

Hi @Katie Weclewska , is this specific for your managing director? Or for all watchers of the issue?

If it's specific for your director
Cause does not have to be within jira, please check if any rules are applied within the email client or check if there's some kind of filter active

If this applies for all users/watchers
You could also check the configuration of the  notification scheme of the project (Settings > issues > notification schemes > choose the relevant scheme).

In the notification scheme, check the column notifications if the right roles are determined for the relevant events.  

Alex Koxaras Community Leader Sep 02, 2022

@Katie Weclewska you have to define to us what exactly you have checked. Many things can cause this:

  • Issue security scheme is applied
  • Project membership
  • Permission scheme
  • Personal notifications are off
  • He/she doesn't have product access

Can you please explain what role he/she has? Share a screenshot of the bullets above please.


Yes, it's only for Managing Director.

Personal notification are on.


He has access for everything and 

I need to wait with screenshots till Tuesday, as he doesn't work Fridays and Mondays.

He has product access; Personal notifications are on.

I don't know how to check the rest of the list

Alex Koxaras Community Leader Sep 02, 2022

@Katie Weclewska has he ever logged in on your instance?

He did, and everything looks ok. he has access to everything, but he doesn't receive notifications by email

Alex Koxaras Community Leader Sep 02, 2022


  • Personal notifications are on -> OK
  • He has product access -> OK
  • He has logged in to Jira -> OK

Now you need to check the following:

  • Project membership -> What is his role for the project?
    • Go to Project Settings > People
    • See what is his role(s)
    • Paste a screenshot here
  • Permission scheme
    • Project Settings > Permissions
    • Check if your managing director OR role is part of the "Browse project" permission.
    • Paste here a screenshot
  • Issue security scheme is applied
    • Go to project settings > Issues > Security 
    • If no security is enable, you will see under "levels" a message like "Issue security is currently not enabled for this project."
    • Paste here a screenshot

I don't have option people in project settings

and he doesn't have notification from any projects, so this must be something wrong on the Jira site 

Alex Koxaras Community Leader Sep 02, 2022

Ok, so you are on a Team Managed Project. "Access" is fine.

Can you also share screenshots of Notifications?

Alex Koxaras Community Leader Sep 02, 2022

The rest of the two team members, receive notifications?

Alex Koxaras Community Leader Sep 06, 2022

@Katie Weclewska and you are absolutely certain and positive that your managing director has logged in at least once on your jira instace?

Yes, I asked him, and we checked his profile settings, so he was logged in. Otherwise, I couldn't check his settings.

Alex Koxaras Community Leader Sep 06, 2022

@Katie Weclewska ok, but I want to be clear about this:

You managing director might have an Atlassian account and be logged in to another instance. If he/she hasn't accept the invitation you sent about your instance, then he/she will not receive any notifications about this specific instance.

Can you cross check from your instance the last time he logged in?

  • Go to cog > user management > users
  • What does it says next to your directors name? Active or Inactive?
  • Click on your directors' name and see individual activity for each product
  • When was last active on that product?
Alex Koxaras Community Leader Sep 06, 2022

@Katie Weclewska go to Notification Helper

  • Place your director's username
  • Choose an issue
  • And an event (e.g. issue commented)

Paste here the results please.

@Alex Koxaras , it is transferring me to the Atlassian Community

@Alex Koxaras @John Funk  is starting to be very annoying right now.

I even don't know where to find help with this issue.

Alex Koxaras Community Leader Sep 06, 2022

@Katie Weclewska I don't even know what you mean by "it is transferring me to the Atlassian Community"

Please follow these steps:


  • Place your director's username
  • Choose an issue
  • And an event (e.g. issue commented)

Paste here the results please.

And instead of typing something, it would be better if you could share a screenshot.

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John Funk Community Leader Sep 02, 2022

Hi Katie - Sometimes email addresses get blacklisted by Atlassian and can't receive emails. Since you are on a Free subscription, we will see if someone from Atlassian can come take a look. 

@John Funk  yes please, we check on our end and we don't have email rules set up at all. we can't find any Atlassian notification on my managing director email (junk email, deleted emails or any other email folders) please help me with this as I ran out of ideas and he need to be notified of our projects on daily basics. 

He is active on each product, and last time, he was active 31st of August

John Funk Community Leader Sep 06, 2022

Hey Katie - does his email address use the same domain as everyone else?

@Earl McCutcheon - is there any way for you to check that the email is actually leaving the Atlassian domain?

@John Funk it is. I checked and compared the setting with mine, and everything is the same. I have all notifications, and my boss doesn't. 

John Funk Community Leader Sep 06, 2022

Can your IT department confirm that no email from Atlassian is coming in to his email address on your email server? They should be able to see the ones coming to your address and use the same sending address to search for those coming to your boss in the email server.

And just to be clear - they need to check the email server and not just his email setup. And check the email spam server to see if anything is getting caught there.

Ok, we will check this, and I'll let you know.

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