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martina.rambouskova February 22, 2024

Hi, roughly 2 months ago I started using the Easy Calendar extension by adding a new calendar into my Outlook (based on my URL subscription).

All worked fine up until about the middle of February. Then the calendar added to Outlook stopped synchronizing.

Being advised that after a recent Windows update, these internet calendars sufferred some issue and needed to be removed and added again, I did removed the existing one. But then I was not able to import it back again.

Importing any internet calendar to my Outlook did not work. We tried Google with the same result.

So I tried to add my subscription URL to my Google calendar instead as it is also an option. Checking 1/2 day later, there is no data in the Google calendar either.

Can you please advise what the problem might be?

Thank you, Martina

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