Custom change not carried over

Torsten Sprich March 22, 2024

I see this after an upgrade from 9.8 to 9.9 (and before) ..

I deleted and upgraded. Then before start I edited the new file with my custom settings. (memory and custom CA..)

The "ignore and continue" button does not work.

Upgrade: Custom changes have not been carried over

The listed configuration files contain custom changes. To keep your current configuration, re-apply these custom changes to the new version of the files during upgrade.
  • bin/
Note: Make sure you only copy over the changes not the entire files.

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Torsten Sprich March 22, 2024

Ok the error went away after a long time ignoring it...

Torsten Sprich March 22, 2024

Still if there's a way to fix this behaviour please let me know...

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