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Cannot close sprint due to open sub-tasks when all sub-tasks and parent story are closed

All stories and related sub-tasks are listed as closed.  getting message that 


"Sprint cannot be completed as there are incomplete sub-tasks on the following issues"


How do I resolve this?

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on the board, the subtasks were closed and issue closed but could not close sprint, same message as above.   Resolution:  in board settings check column section and make sure all statuses are mapped to a column.    Any thing in unmapped status column can pose a problem.

resolution provided by Katie Loe, Maxar Technology

I am also experiencing this issue and cannot figure it out. Can anyone help? Tried all of the recommendations and nothing is working. 

It's probably going to be the same answer - look at all the issues the error report is listing, look at all of their subtasks, and check that they are all

a) On the board in the current sprint

b) All in the last column on the board

You are going to find at least one of them does not match those two criteria.

Thanks for your response. I have completed the above and have also tried moving the ticket out of the sprint/into future sprints. Out of ideas, feels like its a bug with the board?

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Thanks for this answer.  The problem was caused by closing the Kanban boards related to the sprint when the sprint was started.  I restored the Kanban boards and all worked well.

This is a new engagement with new Jira users and many unnecessary Kanban boards were created initially.  Decision was made to reduce the number of Kanban boards to one from seven or eight per project.  The board used to groom the active sprint stories was deleted which resulted in inability to close the sprint even though all the stories and related sub-tasks were placed into Done status.  Presenting message indicating that sprint cannot be closed because of incomplete sub-tasks when all sub-tasks are designated with a status of Done is very confusing.  


Thanks again for your response...

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Answer accepted

Does a search for "sprint = <name of sprint>" return what you expect?  And if you look at each one that is closed, do they have any non-closed sub-tasks?  (This can be a slog to work out, I'm afraid there's no easy way to do this, because while Atlassian say "a sub-task is part of an issue and hence is part of the sprint the issue is in", they don't put that on the sub-task, so you can't search for it!)

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