Can Jira Work Management be used to clone user-submitted tickets into Jira Software?

Shay Subramanian March 11, 2024

OK, bit of an odd use case, I guess, as I can't find much information on this online.

I work on an internal data analysis team and currently when other teams/stakeholders need analyses completed, we discuss requirements on a call or on Slack and then a member of our team creates a story in our Jira Software project (which we would like to continue using due to its customization potential and ability to use Scrum/Kanban). This is inefficient and we would like to allow stakeholders to submit their own requests via an intake form.

Through an earlier thread I found we could use Jira Service Management to intake, and then clone these stories with relevant fields into new tickets in our Jira Software project. However, my company doesn't like to create JSM projects without SLAs and other requirements that aren't fulfilled for our use case, so I need alternatives.

Would Jira Work Management allow is to:

1. Create an intake form

2. Allow stakeholders to create tickets in our Jira Work Management project

3. Create a ticket in our Jira Software project, individually mapping the intake form inputs into their respective fields in JS

This would only be for internal stakeholders within the company - I find it hard to believe that no one has ever needed this in the past, and am really hoping there is a viable solution! All we really need is to allow internal stakeholders to submit tickets to our Jira Software project.

Thank you.

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Trudy Claspill
Community Leader
Community Leader
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March 11, 2024

Hello @Shay Subramanian 

You can use Automation Rules to create an issue in a Software project by cloning an issue from a Work Management project.

From this documentation note:


People who submit information via the form to your business project must:

  • Have access to the project and permission to create an issue if it is a limited access form

  • Have a Jira license if it is an open access form

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Luka Hummel - codefortynine
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March 14, 2024

Hi @Shay Subramanian

Let's break down your requirements and how you might achieve them with Jira Work Management (JWM), potentially complemented by one of our apps:

  1. Create an intake form: Jira Work Management offers form capabilities that can be used to collect information from stakeholders. These forms are customizable, allowing you to design them to capture the necessary information for each analysis request. Once submitted, these forms automatically create issues (tickets) within a Jira Work Management project.
  2. Allow stakeholders to create tickets in our Jira Work Management project: As @Trudy Claspill has already pointed out, the stakeholders need to fulfill the requirements to be able to submit forms.
  3. Create a ticket in our Jira Software project, individually mapping the intake form inputs into their respective fields: This is where things get a bit more complex, as native functionality for cloning or moving tickets from JWM to Jira Software, with detailed field mapping, is limited. However, this is where our app Deep Clone for Jira app comes into play. Deep Clone for Jira allows you to clone issues within and across Jira projects while preserving or transforming the necessary information. You can automate the cloning process based on certain triggers (e.g., when an issue is created or reaches a certain status in JWM), ensuring that each stakeholder request is mirrored as a new issue in your Jira Software project with the correct fields mapped accordingly. Here you can read how to automate cloning via workflow post functions or Jira automations.

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