Application tunnel from JIRA cloud to Bamboo or other way to connect hosted Bamboo to Jira cloud

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December 19, 2022


We use self managed Atlassian JIRA server and we're migrating JIRA to Atlassian cloud.

We also use self managed Atlassian Bitbucket Datacenter version and Bamboo  Server and that will remain hosted in our Datacenter 

We successfully used Atlassian application tunnel ( to connect the Atlassian JIRA in cloud to self managed bitbucket using application link. Our bitbucket server is behind firewalls and is proxied . We could use  application tunnel  without any need for the bitbucket server or the proxy server to have an internet facing IP address

What are our options for connecting our self managed hosted Bamboo to JIRA in cloud ? 

Our Bamboo server is behind a proxy and both the proxy and Bamboo are in our private subnet  - behind firewall.Do we have an option akin to Atlassian application tunnel for Bamboo Server / Datacenter ?

I looked at . This option calls for hosted Bamboo Server to have an internet facing IP address and to  expose internet facing port ( 80, 8085, 8443, or 443) .

If such option isn't available at present is there a roadmap for this in near future ?

It is simply not practical to migrate or use JIRA in cloud unless it can connect to our self managed  Bamboo server. 

Please help !!

Thanks and best regards 


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IT OPUSG March 27, 2023

It seems official support should be coming soon, there is a ticket for it with status "waiting for release" and fix version "9.3.0" :)

Erik Huizinga June 20, 2023

Hi, have you already tried it with version 9.3.x?

We're still on 9.0, so it would be nice to know it works before going through the hassle of updating Bamboo.

K_ Scheel June 20, 2023

Yes, we're now running Bamboo 9.3.0 and the link to Jira Cloud via the Application Tunnel Add-On works as expected! :) Kind regards

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Gerben Heinen January 24, 2023

Same issue here, there are instructions for bamboo on this page, but there is no app tunnel app for bamboo:

Configure required connections and upstream ports | Atlassian Support

IT OPUSG March 21, 2023

I've downloaded the .jar of the tunnel app directly from the marketplace and installed it in Bamboo. I'll try if setting up a tunnel and application link will actually work sometime in the coming days.

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IT OPUSG March 24, 2023

Unfortunately it did not work. When adding the tunnel's security key to our local Bamboo Server an error is shown: "We can't create the tunnel right now".

I did the same for Confluence and Bitbucket where it worked without issues, so I guess Bamboo is really not supported... :(

Anik Sengupta
Atlassian Team
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June 26, 2023

Try running Bamboo 9.3.0 and the link to Jira Cloud via the Application Tunnel. It should work .

Anik Sengupta
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
February 16, 2024

From Bamboo 9.3.0 You can use Application tunnel to connect JIRA cloud with Bamboo. Below are the high level steps 


Step 1 - Bamboo - Configure required connections and upstream ports

  1. Stop Bamboo
  2. Open the conf/server.xml file under the install folder and add the following connector.
    <Connector port="8093" connectionTimeout="20000" maxThreads="200" minSpareThreads="10" 
                       enableLookups="false" acceptCount="10" URIEncoding="UTF-8" />
  1. Save the file.
  2. Open the <bamboo_install>/bin/ file and add the line below under JVM_SUPPORT_RECOMMENDED_ARGS.
  1. Save the file.
  2. Start up Bamboo.
  3. Go to Cog > Manage Apps > search for the Application Tunnel app and install it.

Step 2 - Jira Create an application tunnel to your self-managed instance

  1. Log into
  2. Go to the Settings tab
  3. On the left hand side on the menu go to Application Tunnels
  4. Click on the Create Tunnel button.
  5. Once the connection is created please copy the password and save it, as the password will not get displayed again. If one's is lost a new one needs to be generated.

Step 3 - Bamboo Create app link

  1. Jira should redirect you to add the password in Bamboo. In case it does not please go to Cog > Overview > on the left hand side menu you will see the Application Tunnel listed > click on the Application tunnel to add the password generated in Jira.
  2. Once that's done.
  3. Go to your Jira Cloud, please go to the Application Link and select Create link.
  4. On the Create link screen, select Tunneled application link, and then choose the application tunnel that is connected to your self-managed instance. Next, select Continue.
  5. On the Confirm URLs screen, check the URLs and confirm them. Application URL should show the URL of the tunnel, and Display URL the base URL of your self-managed instance.
  6. On the Review link screen, you’ll see the details of the products you’re connecting.
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Federico Spagocci
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February 22, 2024

The jira automations don't work with the application tunnel.

When an automation run and call bamboo the request it's denied.

Emanuele Mariani February 22, 2024

Yes, the problem is that "jira automation" run in another server and only "atlassian product" can use the tunnel... this is what Atlassian said...

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