Any way to get rid of or change the calendar box colors?

Mike Boehm February 11, 2020

A while back something changed in Jira and changed the colors of the little boxes that represent tickets in the calendar view.  The issue is that many of them are now white which basically makes them invisible since the background is also white.

Does anyone know why this happened or how we can change this to make the boxes any other color than white?


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daria.mehra April 2, 2021

I just learned the answer by trial and error. The colors of the issue boxes on the calendar are determined by issue priority, and by default, if the priority is not set (No Priority), that's a white color.

One fix is to set priority on your issues, for example to P2 to end up with orange boxes.

The other fix is to configure Issues -> Priorities -> None (Default) -> Edit -> change priority color code from #ffffff (white) to, for example, #0000FF (blue) to end up with blue boxes in the calendar.

The color codes work the same way when using the calendar gadget on a Jira dashboard, or embedded into a Confluence page.

Here is an example where one of my issues is a P2, and all the others have no priority set, with the no-priority color code changed to #0000FF.

Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 2.33.25 PM.png

This was completely non-obvious. Atlassian would do well to document the behavior of their plugins to help their numerous users.

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