Advanced Roadmaps / Plans- Inferring Start Dates One Day Before Sprint

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February 26, 2024

Hi all as per the above we have a Plans in Advanced Roadmaps and as typical if you set it to pull data from a sprint board it will infer the start and end dates from the Sprint start and end.

This is great and works well across different projects that have used it. But I see one project that it takes the start date one day before‽ eg:

  • Sprint Start: 27/2/24
  • Sprint End: 12/3/24
  • Start Date on Advanced Roadmaps: 26/2/24
  • End Date on Advanced Roadmaps: 12/3/24

Anyone know why this might be the case? Does it have to do with the team availability set up? Any time/date issues?

I've checked and highlighting the value does indeed tell me its taking it from the sprint. Interestingly enough if I change the sprint start date to the future, for example 5/3/24 the start date shows 4/3/24 in advanced roadmaps so I'd guess there is a reason for it.

Any advice on items to check? Thanks!


--- Edit:

Further investigation tells me this may be a timezone issue? I can see its actually the specific time which is the differentiator and seems to indeed differ by about the difference to UTC time.

I do have Advanced Roadmaps using the "Plan default to system timezone" but still doesn't align. May be our system time is incorrect.

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