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When are the smart links going to be removed from both JIRA and Confluence?

They create unwanted alterations to the message or idea we are trying to convey, and are also a security problem (background fetching of the URL and allows for hiding of the actual URL. 


We cant turn the things off, and the supposed workaround of using the Undo shortcut is only good for the author and not any readers.


Also you need to stop auto correcting JIRA into Jira.  Even spell checkers arent as insidious as that little bit of script that is constantly requiring me to Ctrl-Z a few times. 


Jack Brickey Community Leader Nov 18, 2021

This might be better input to Atlassian Support and/or the in-app feedback link.

Done that twice now. 

On the Jira auto-correct, they're never going to remove that.  The (trademarked) name of the application is Jira, not JIRA any more, so it's making a valid correction (unless you really do have another system with the acronym JIRA)

Sorry but unless I have given up ownership of the content I type into a JIRA issue, or my organization has done similarly, Atlassian is making a change that neither have authorized.   Spellcheckers dont do this for other proper names without asking the users consent. Even autocorrect can be instructed to accept the spelling I want to use. There is no stopping the JIRA->Jira except for an immediate Ctrl+Z, and most of the time I end up having to type it twice because of how they wired up the keystrokes.

Just wait for them to take the next step in their forced "corrections"...    Will it be some shameless product promotion, like replacing GH, GitHub, GitLab, etc.. with BitBucket? Or will it be changing something else that I did write into something that I did not, without asking or notification. Will the new words make sense? Hopefully they are gibberish.

I have to ask why you seem to have such a problem with something that is simply correcting your misuse of their trademark?

Its my words, my content, my idea being conveyed in the way the audience will find easiest to understand.  Atlassian has the right to reformat for display, but not to be invasive and edit just to satisfy their product branding OCD.  

I can call it "jira", "JIRA", or "Jira", none of those are misusing a trademark any more than saying to someone "I like to drink coca-cola".   The only real misuse of a trademark is infringement. 

Even if it were not so frustrating and sneaky in the way it was implemented, editing user content is still not an acceptable thing for them to do. 

But why is it a problem?

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