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New colors for issue statuses in conflict with agile gadgets


Colors were changed in 8.2 update. Details can be found here (RN: New colors of issue statuses). 

I saw several threads and tickets mentioning this and the confusion this has created. You can like or dislike the colors. I do not like the new styles used, as it has been mentioned somewhere, even for color blindness it could be more difficult now to distinguish between these pastel tones.

Anyway, that discussion could be endless, and it could be just a matter of taste. 

But at least to be consequent with this change Atlassian should have updated "Sprint Health Gadget". I know dashboards and gadgets have been forgotten for years, but some people are still using these things.

It is quite clear:


How can I explain above picture?

For Sprint progress, "In Progress" (it means, all statuses in that category) uses yellow. 

But, for user stories status "IN PROGRESS" uses the new blue. 

I think it's pretty obvious this change has an impact beyond personal tastes or color preferences.

Does the blue means "Open" (something pending) or "In Progress" (work in progress)

There is a ticket asking for a rollback or at least an option to use old colors:


I would suggest to the rest of the people facing this issue or thinking that this has been probably a wrong decision to vote for this change or option.


Hi jcarazoi,

Thank you for pointing out the inconsistency. You are right that the current state may be confusing. We will update the Sprint Health Gadget colors to match the new colors for issue statuses released in Jira 8.2.0. We’ll be shipping the corrected Sprint Health Gadget in the upcoming 8.6.0 release, but also we will backport the fix to Jira 8.5, which is our most recent Enterprise Release.

You can watch our progress here -

Regarding the suggestion to bring back the original status colors to Jira Server ad Data Center, we are not considering this option as the way forward. Instead, to improve the overall experience, especially for color-blind users, we are considering introducing user settings to add patterns in issue statuses. You can see a sample design below. 

Best regards,

Pawel Wodkowski
Senior UX Designer
Jira Server team



@Pawel Wodkowski , What is back port in Atlassian applications? e.g. LTS versions are back port supported. What does that mean to a layman users or admins? You said, "we will back port the fix to Jira 8.5". Has this been implemented? If so, why my Jira 8.5.0 Gadget shows the same old legacy color? JRASERVER-70207 closed without any workaround.

I am not sure how to modify the pattern. Can @Javier Carazo or @Pawel Wodkowski explain about this?



For Anyone that could be interested on this, there is an option to tweak status label colours and set them back to original palette.

Credits go to : Putri Nur Dayana Kamarudin

She suggested to use CSS Styles in announcement banner, I just adapted and extended CSS example provided. 

Use bellow code to get back to BLUE/YELLOW/GREEN colours.

<style type="text/css">
.aui-lozenge.jira-issue-status-lozenge-yellow, .aui-lozenge.jira-issue-status-lozenge-inprogress
  background-color: #ffd351 !important;
  border-color: #ffd351 !important;
  color: #594300 !important;
.aui-lozenge.jira-issue-status-lozenge-blue-gray, .aui-lozenge.jira-issue-status-lozenge-new
  background-color: #4a6785 !important;
  border-color: #4a6785 !important;
  color: #fff !important;
.aui-lozenge.jira-issue-status-lozenge-green, .aui-lozenge.jira-issue-status-lozenge-done
  background-color: #14892c !important;
  border-color: #14892c !important;
  color: #fff !important;

Et voilà!!!



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