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I'm not able to import a project due to locked fields.

Hi Team,

We are importing a Service Desk project to Jira software. We configured all required project schemes similar to service desk project and trying to import then it has been displaying some locked fields error(See the attachment) .

Its an emergency . Could you please any one help me out on this?ITSD Project Migration error.PNG


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These are Jira Portfolio / adv roadmaps fields. Install portfolio 3.29.2 on Source, take another export.

Thank you So much Artem Fomin I will do that the same and I will get back to you.

Here my doubt is what happened if we disabled the adv Roadmaps in Jira and do the import and then enable the plug in ? Are we get any systematic changes ?


You would end up with the same result. The importer is not checking whether a plugin is enabled or not, it just finds it's installed and that's it.

Alternative way to when you cannot or don't want to install the plugin on source, or can't generate a new backup, is to modify the entities.xml file which is part of the zip.


So on linux I would do it like so:

 - notice the plugin keys in those fields, e.g. "com.atlassian.jpo"

 - search for the field using this plugin key in your backup

grep '<CustomField .*com.atlassian.jpo' entities.xml


Now you can remove these fields from the backup, update your zip or create a new one, and re-do the import. I do this in a lazy fashion, such as

grep -v '<CustomField id="xxxxx" key="xxxx"' entities.xml > entities.xml2
mv entities.xml2 entities.xml
zip -u entities.xml

//Note that the above line should only contain the line you want to remove
grep -v; the -v means anything OTHER than the matched line
so basically you would be redirecting the file content without the customfield, in a separate file, and then overwriting the original entities.xml with that file, to be able to zip it back up


This error occurs when you have had installed a plugin on your source instance before, and uninstalled it later. The importer acts a little "off" on this way - all in all, to me it seems it simply finds that this plugin is not installed in source, i.e. the source entities.xml file (there are missing entries about the plugin, it only has the customfields but no valid plugin key installed).


Anyway non-technical mambo jumbo, installing it and making a new backup is just fine. Only mentioning this as an alternative.


And of course removing them from the backup means that they will not be imported, this should not matter if you don't have it installed in the first place, but if you have just a different plugin version (basically similar error but about version mismatch), then you do not want to do this unless you are ok losing the field data.

So updating it on source and making a new backup is the way to go (or again can modify the entities.xml file to change the version, to skip doing that, BUT you must know upfront if this won't cause data formatting problem, the field value format must be identical between the version or it will fail).


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