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How to turn off or revert back to old JIRA interface, the new one is horrendous for usability.

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I had the chance to have a conversation with a Jira Product Manager recently. I expressed concerns with performance, usability and functionality. We had a very nice conversation. He listened very clearly to what I had to say and did state that they have some changes in mind for the somewhat near future. 

So, good news is that Atlassian is listening and more importantly is 'hearing us'!

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Nice to hear - but it has been so long now I would be very sceptical around anything changing.  The reality fro Atlassian is that JIRA is too popular, too complicated and too verbose.  It is slow, overly layered and tries to do everything to the result that it does it all badly.

The UI is just the crappy layer on top that tries to deal with the complexity below.  They need to re-write but probably either can't or won't.

Internally they are still at the launch party for this awful thing.. the energy to admit it is awful and start to put it back just in not there.

Agreed that many of us probably have quite a bit of skepticism but it was a good sign/start for me. I also told him that Atlassian should review this community page and offer their thoughts to let us know that they are listening. We'll see....

new jira issue view is very bad!!!
I need to see issue' worklog entries!!! but i cant in the new interface. how it possible?!?!
My own workflow is related with worklog entries list within issue!!!!

The new left side menu navigation is absolutely TERRIBLE for usability! This is by far the worse forced "feature" to JIRA I've seen since using it for the past 8 years. It's enough to make me to want to switch platforms.

We just "upgraded" to jira 7.13 (from 7.4.5).  The UI changes are universally despised by everyone I've talked to.  Now, if your Issue ticket has attachments, you are forced to page down (6 lines for each attachment, compared to one per line in the old UI,) just to get to the actual content of the ticket.

And this is in the "List" view!

Who would choose this?

Similarly for Issue links (four lines each, compared to one per line in the old UI.)

Atlassian, fire your misguided screen layout designers.  Hire some people who understand workflow and productivity.  You seem to have forgotten that you are in the business of selling productivity tools.

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absolutely agree. previous layout better in ALL cases.

The way I revert to the old view in Jira Server is going into your personal settings(bottom left image icon) and disabling "Jira Labs" . This keeps it permanently in the old view.

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But this just for the Issue View. All the other questionable changes like the sidebar cant be disabled, right?

Go to the icon on the bottom left > Personal Settings.  You can revert to the old view from there.

It’s the new MS-CRM 2013.  Any horizontal scrolling in there?

I completely agree! I've been using Jira for more than 10 years, been recommending it to all of my clients, but the new UI is almost useless. I've never seen such a decline in usability. I still like and use Jira, but I certainly hope this will be solved soon. 

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The new interface is horrendous


And I do not find the option to structurally move back to the old interface anymore ... or is that just me?

JIRA nw interface.png

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Just came here to say the new issue UI is awful.

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thank you "innovation friday"! :P 

Well I have been grinning and baring it with the "new" UI (which I also think absolutely sucks),  But today I'm furious.  


Logged in to create a new ticket in our scrum and the two fields we use the most are gone.  Component (which was a madatory field) and Epic.   I had set up a custom form, and it's completely changed (By Altlasian I assume).  When I click on "where is my field (I guess they were expecting people to have problems)"  It tells me that my Kanban form doesn't have it.   It is a SCRUM not a Kanban!!!

I hope that this is just a mistake and it will be rectified without me having to go delving into the depths (which with this new UI is an absolute nightmare) and fix up what has been working well for the last three years....  


edit: well I tried to create a new task, and I can't because component is a mandatory field.  



This has broken our environment.   I don't even know what has been changed.  Not happy!!



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it came back!

In personal settings, JIRA Labs:


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Did everybody get the update about the rollout of the 'new view' throughout JIRA?

I have added the tag 'new-issue-view' on this thread to ensure it is listed under the section -->

"Where should I go if I have feedback, questions, or concerns?

To give us feedback, open an issue and click the Give feedback button. If you have questions, check out the new issue view topic on Atlassian Community"

Haha, and in doing so, I just brought this thread right to the top of the relevant community section, as i realised it has over 15k views, completely dwarfing the others, starting at 1k views! Bring it on! (Yes Atlassian, bring on supporting your users!)

Yep. Why is this 'new view' still not fixed? So many usability/performance issues with it.

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The new update from May 2019 is absolutely unusable. Loading is so slow since all the content on the page loads at their own speed.

I don't mind the graphical changes, but being a web developer I feel like when I use Jira I am stuck on 1980's internet.


Come on guys. Finally not having issues with Sourcetree, and now Jira sucks.

Suddenly the issue Description field is moved to the "Additional" content section in the right panel, requiring an extra click to view it, and resulting in a very constrained view of the Description. Terrible User Experience!


I was fine with the other changes, but this is a step too far. I had to turn off the New Jira issue view in my Personal Settings.

  • Find your avatar at bottom left section
  • Select Personal Settings
  • disable jira labs checkbox
  • Problem SolvedScreenshot 2019-06-14 at 11.54.26 AM.png
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Thanks Dip, I suppose the issue will be harder to solve if/when Atlassian will -God Forbid!- decide to deprecate the old view completely ... 

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Really scared of that possibility...

They already did remove that option and then added it back.


But as far as I can tell there is no way to get the interface back to how it was in 2017.

As others have stated, turning off the new issue view is not a FIX, it's only deferring the inevitable. Eventually, we will not have the option to use the old issue view.

I was fine with the new issue view, until the Description field was moved into the right side panel.

This might have to do with my organization's JIRA configuration; I'm not sure since I am not a JIRA Admin here.

New Jira issue screen is terrible for the usability. Not sure why Atlassion even took up this project of revamping Jira issue screen when the Old screen was completely fine and accepted worldwide by all the Jira users. Why fix something that is not broken! There are plenty of other issues and enhancements in Jira pipeline, and Atlassion with their limited resources, instead of focusing on those necessary enhancements they are hell bent on forcing the new Jira issue screen on us! Don't understand the logic here! They should listen to all the feedback and scrap this project before it is too late (before many of us decide to move to other platforms like VSTS & Rally).

The cascading multi selection custom field will not show on the UI using the new interface, when I click use old look it displays exactly the way I need it to. Can you make the custom fields manageable on the new UI please?  Thank you

Can I turn the new Jira issue view on or off?
Yes, you can still toggle the new view on or off for now.

To turn the new issue view on or off in Jira Software and Jira Core for now, head to Your profile and settings () > Personal settings and toggle the switch for the New Jira issue view.

You can turn off the new issue view in Cloud version by going to your Profile and Setting, go to Jira Labs section and turn it off AND give comments. 

I just found the way to turn the new UI Off

Profile icon > Personal Settings > Jira Labs


Personal settings - Jira 2019-07-05 13-30-09.jpg

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I'm a new user in Jira and training to be an admin. We have just paid BIG BIG $$$ for all the training sessions, only to find that everything in the training is in a totally different way to the version we are trying to use.

Really disappointing to see that they rolled this new version out quite some time ago, but haven't even updated their training to go with it.

I'm supposed to be training people how to use this and I can't even work it out for myself :(

We informed Jira that if they go through with this new UI we will leave the system.

But I very much doubt they will go back: for that, some decision-makers would have to admit that their decisions were crap, and that's never going to happen.

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If that were the case, wouldn't it be double sad from a company that uses his products to promote the Agile mindset? 

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I tweeted this guy, you may want to try that too (he is co-founder and CEO of Atlassian)

1+ year ago, when Atlassian first began rolling out this "new issue view", my company of ~50 users ran from it. We immediately switched back to the old view and ignored the changes. Well, like many of you, I realized we could not ignore the inevitable indefinitely and we had to find a way to make it usable and either get used to it (before we no longer had a choice)....or move on.

As such, around April of this year, I took an honest look at the new layout and whether I had any control over it. I discovered that I did have some control and after a few adjustments on my part I found that it's actually not a complete waste and we have largely switched to using it throughout the company now.

Is it perfect? No!!! There are missing features such as 'Share Issue' and 'Permalink'. Also, attachment names and modification dates are not easily visible. And more :-)  Atlassian clearly has more work to do and I sincerely hope they are paying attention to user comments and votes here:

That said, it sounds like some of you may be experiencing frustration mainly because your admin has not yet reviewed and cleaned up the issue layout for the new view, which is necessary and separate from the screens configuration. You will almost certainly need to clean up and order your description, primary, and secondary fields as appropriate for your situation as the defaults are not right! At least for us they were WAY off. Once you do this you may find that things are at least usable again. 

If it helps anyone and you were not aware, take a look at your:
Projects -> <Your Project> -> Project Settings -> Issue Layout.

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Matt Tse Atlassian Team Jul 11, 2019

Hi everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. My name's Matt and I work on the product management team for Jira Cloud.

My squad is currently looking into how we might improve the navigation UI. In fact, we have an exploration today that you can try if you use the Chrome browser. Please head on over to for more information.

As for the new UI regarding the issue view/layout, my colleague @Joe will be the best point of contact.



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Hey everyone , As a marketplace vendor building Cloud apps for Jira - we are also looking for pool of usability testers and feedback community.

After all, the UX of the Jira Cloud experience can be only enhanced with human-centered apps! If you're interested, please reach out to me via linked in (details in profile) :)


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