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Epic/Parent Link Change Discussion


Atlassian seems to have not allowed comments on any of the articles about this change, so I'm starting this discussion thread! 

Upcoming changes: Epic link data above the epic level 

I am failing to see how removing parent links above the Epic level is a positive change. We all know projects long ago grew in most organizations to need more hierarchy than just Epic/Story, and this will now remove our ability to add in our own hierarchies and tracking in a way that's easily traceable. 

This in my case breaks all our reporting, and also all my automation around Epics and their parent ticket type (since using "relates to" is NOT a solution that I can rely on for automation rules.)

I am strongly against this change, and I cannot be the only one.

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John Funk Community Leader Sep 13, 2022

Hi MollyJo,

Can you include a link to the article to which you are referring? 

Edited to include!

John Funk Community Leader Sep 13, 2022

I don't see anything in the article that says you won't be able to create a hierarchy above the Epic. You just won't be able to do that with the Epic Link field. You will still be able to have Initiatives, Themes, etc. 

@John Funk Are Initiatives available to non-Portfolio folks? I don't seem to have these on my instance. 

John Funk Community Leader Sep 13, 2022

They are created as regular issue types. But then connected based on the hierarchy with Advanced Roadmaps. 

I do have a secondary higher-than Epic level setup right now, does the "initiative" system you're talking about have it's own field/relationship that I can build automation off of?

Danno Rising Star Sep 13, 2022

@MollyJo Tigheare you on the Standard or Premium subscription Plan? I don't think this change will affect your system if you set up the hierarchy correctly. As I read it it is replacing the epic link with parent. This is already the case if you have a hierarchy that includes an issue type like Initiative. If you place the field Parent in your Epic fields, then you can "link" them to an Initiative if you've made that issue and set it higher than Epic. See my screenshot:

Parent link Screenshot 2022-09-13 094455.pngThat said I have noticed an issue with where we are in the process. You can't use both fields at the same time and if you change an existing child issue in an Epic to use the "parent link" field (not parent yet) instead of the Epic link it no longer shows up in the child issue list.

@Danno I'm on Premium and also this is the comment to rule them all. Thank you, this clarified for me and I can totally make the change to Parent and have automation run through that connection.

You're a hero and a saint!

John Funk Community Leader Sep 13, 2022

Sorry, just now getting back to this. Thanks @Danno for jumping in! Yes, for Premium, those connects are made through setting up the hierarchy. Here's more information on it.

Danno Rising Star Sep 13, 2022

You're welcome @MollyJo Tighe. Have you been using the Advanced Roadmaps planning tool? There is where you'll visually see it the best. If you need an example let me know.

I'm not exactly sure how the child issue part of this is going to work. I would be a bit disappointed if the issue layout as it is in Epics now goes away and is replaced by straight issue linking but then again it's always a love-hate relationship here for me w/o having mad scripting skills and an unlimited add-on budget.

To comment on something else you said it is my understanding that the premium subscription is now the replacement for what was Portfolio before. I thought there was a webinar about this but I don't know if I can find the link to it.

@John FunkI wasn't sure if you could create the hierarchy with a parent link for Epics to roll up to in the standard plan. I've been on the Premium plan for some time now so it is second nature for me to use it that way. I am just now getting other team members to use the planning tool so hopefully, it takes off for us.


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