Introducing the new issue search to Jira Cloud users (updated)


Randy Padgett July 6, 2023

Using the new Jira Search we are experiencing an issue when trying to export the data to Excel CVS and get the following on a new browser tab:


Is anyone else having this issue?  We also noticed that the option to export current fields is not available in the drop down, only all fields is the option.

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Kristján Geir Mathiesen
Community Leader
Community Leader
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July 13, 2023

Hi @Kevin Yu and @Jordan Koukides 

So am I understanding correctly that the the old issue search (currently called the Advanced issue search) will go away totally and instead, the new issue search (found in each Project panel) should be used?


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Jon Metelonis July 26, 2023

It seems that the changes outlined in the section What's Next: "We’ll begin moving all users on the old issue search (currently called the Advanced issue search) to the new issue search in Jira Cloud products" have already rolled out.

Advanced search is missing in our instance and many users are confused and disappointed.  The new search presently lacks features they found very useful - these are now listed as "upcoming features".

Am I correct in my understanding?  or, should I open a support request?


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Hugh Gibson July 31, 2023

I can see the old issue search in our instance, accessed via the quick search bar. But the Issues list for a project is using the new issue search, and is prefilled with JQL to only show tickets for the project. This can be overridden to show tickets across all projects (absolutely essential for us - I rarely use the project-specific issue list).

The original posting mentions updated technology. Seems that is all in the browser, and nothing in the back end. That's disappointing, as one of the biggest failings of search in Cloud (vs Server) is the removal of sort by relevance for text search. See

Michelle Kappauf August 9, 2023

Can't wait for the rest of the columns to be available. Is there a reason the Due Date column shows the day before the due date that is actually set on the issue?

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Ben Harris August 10, 2023

Is there a way to get back the ability to export current fields?

Haddon Fisher
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August 10, 2023

+100 to Ben Harris's comment...."Export current fields" is a pretty important piece of a lot of process flows and a key feature of filters in general. Super excited for months end when everyone needs to generate their reports.

  1. Is there a timeline for a rollback or fix that would restore this functionality? And before you say "Oh don't worry; we're going to re-vamp this in the near-future and it's gonna be awesome!" know that a) y'all don't exactly have a great track record for this and b) people are relying on this functionality pretty much every day right now.
  2. I recognize this has been asked a thousand different ways by a million different people and the behavior hasn't really changed, but....once again....please....PLEASE....stop forcing us onto "new functionality" that is less functional than what it is replacing.
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Erki Tammik
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August 10, 2023

@Kevin Yu 

I use the current field export option quite often. It's disappointing that this doesn't exist in the new issue search. Definitely a needed feature for new issue search.

Yatish Madhav
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August 11, 2023

Starting to use this more. Please advise if we can configure the number of issues shown by default? ie. it shows 50 paginated - can we configure that? I know that it may affect performance but wondering if this is possible please? Also another thing I like is that the Sprint column only shows the current sprint it is in and + lbutton whereas the old/global issue navigator shows them all. Nice! Eargerly awaiting the new updates to this. Thank you

Jordan McCombs August 11, 2023

@Jordan Koukides - Appreciate you all looking into it! Just to provide a bit more context, we do have ScriptRunner and JQL Search Extensions. Their extended search functionality is better than nothing but the instance I work out is massive and the performance on these searches is awful. It's not easy to configure a search that does not time out. Native, built-in functionality would be incredible. 

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S. Francoeur September 1, 2023

Hi @Kevin Yu and @Jordan Koukides!

Are there any plans to show all Components (and Fix Versions) rather than a single one followed by a "+N" that can be clicked to show a popup of the N other Components (or Fix Versions)?

Sadly, we now need much more clicking than in the Advanced issue search to visualize the same information.

Or, at least, please do expand the row when we click on the "+N" rather than showing a popup. I'd rather rely on info shown on screen than my (lack of) photographic memory after looking at 20 different popups...

I guess this may somewhat be construed in contradiction with @Chris Tolley's request above so maybe a happy medium would be to make the number of Components (or Labels or Fix Versions) shown configurable under the user's Personal Jira settings (as well as the count of issues before pagination occurs, as @Yatish Madhav recently asked above)...

Thank you for considering this before removing access to the Advanced issue search.

PS: If you are gonna keep the modal, it would be nice if it would follow a layout similar to the Status field popup i.e., single column, in alphabetical order, with no greyed out vertical or horizontal scroll bars.

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Yaswanth Vannam September 13, 2023

Does every user have the ability to switch back to the older issue search version?
Because the older issue search version has the ability to export my defaults. 
Newer version allows only all fields.

Odette Vuletich September 29, 2023

@Kevin Yu  Is there a timeline for when we will see this introduced? This article was published in May and we're now end of September.  A timeline would be helpful.

Gregg Brown October 4, 2023

@Kevin Yu In the old search, there was an "Open in Excel" option that bypassed the 1000 result limit on export. Now it seems like this option has gone away in the new search. Bypassing this limit is imperative to many of the exports/reports we run outside of Jira. Will there be an easy way to bypass this limit added to the new search before the old search goes away?

As others are also saying, we need the ability to export certain columns/fields as well. We have many automated scripts that are looking for these reports to be exported into a certain layout. Losing these two things is going to create a nightmare for us. 

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Nena Kruljac October 10, 2023

@Gregg Brown it seems that you need this: 

"After running the JQL query, just tap on the 'Export' icon on top right side and select
'Print List' option. It will show the full list of the issues with total number of issues."

Gregg Brown October 10, 2023

@Nena Kruljac The Print List option is in the old search. There is no such option in this new one. So yet another feature that's going away. 

Even if it was though, that Print List option doesn't output as a spreadsheet where data can be analyzed. It's not a really helpful option unless you literally just want to print the whole list. 

Nena Kruljac October 10, 2023

:-( for yet another feature that's going away I just supposed we have new search - sorry :-(

John Weisgerber October 13, 2023

Is there a way to default to the OLD issue search?  We have a custom field which is not available via the NEW More button.  This is a critical part of our searches as it provides a hardware type for the issue.  That custom field (single choice select list) is not supported (and for some reason JQL query preview  provides only a very truncated list of the values) so we currently must use the OLD view in which the more button shows the critical field.

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Gomez_ Daniel October 24, 2023

Meme: "WE NEED TO GO DEEPER JQL" - All Templates -

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William Wilson October 31, 2023

Oh, look. Another topic introducing us to how there's been a performance boost to Issue searches. But, can we view more than 5k issues on a backlog yet? 

Will we EVER be able to? Is this even something that Atlassian has plans for? The world may never know, because Atlassian refuses to comment on any plans to be able to view more than 5k issues in a scrum board. 

Frankly, I feel like it's just Atlassian giving us a big middle finger, telling us to simply learn to do our jobs differently. But this is just me, speaking my mind.

William Wilson October 31, 2023

@Gregg Brown See my comments above. I'm with you. I don't understand how or why Atlassian thinks it's okay to make these changes that drastically impact the way we work. Do they not understand that there is only so much we can bear before we are forced to look for other solutions, because our executive staff can no longer mine the data they want or need adequately?

Limiting search results to 1000 issues and boards to 5000 issues is... well... for me, it is suicide. I have had to hand-hold/fight with my users EVERY SINGLE DAY since we migrated to cloud, because they can't find things in their backlogs, or because their boards no longer work. Some of my executive staff are frustrated with the inability to functionally pull data anymore. 

I don't know if this ends with my termination or Atlassian's, But if I have anything to say about it, I'm going to remind people that I was opposed to migrating to the cloud, that they should have taken my advice and that the evidence suggests that my opinions are valuable, and Atlassian is the one that should be fired. At this point, most people I've talked to agree that this move was detrimental, because of Atlassian's recent development choices.

But hey... we have AI now. So, that will solve everything, right?

Yaqub Ajibola
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November 8, 2023

Looking Good!

Hiwad Said November 8, 2023

Looks great! Thank you for sharing! 

Syed M S Wajid
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
Those new to the Atlassian Community have posted less than three times. Give them a warm welcome!
November 8, 2023

Looks great, thanks for sharing!

carlos.talley November 9, 2023

I look forward to the upcoming features, the updating of other issues fields without opening the Issue would be great.  Thanks.


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