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We are facing issue in loading the attachments at customer portal


As we have created couple of tickets is one of service desk project and added couple of attachments in that while creating the tickets. But when we went back to customer portal it is not visible at that end since we can see those attachments at agent level view.

In request type we haven't missed attachment field but it still it not showing at the customer portal. Hope this could be resolved as soon as possible.



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Jack Brickey Community Leader Sep 14, 2022

Have you attempted to assess if it is specific attachments? Can you try different attachment types? Or some issues not having this problem or is it across all issues and projects? If this is an attachment your agent adds are you certain they added via a public comment?

@Jack Brickey  These are only with few tickets and they are of 3 tickets. The issue is very specific that agent has admin access and he has created a ticket from agent end while creating ticket he added few attachments. Now it is very strange that when agent went back to customer portal and checked those attachments were missing and yes in all those 3 tickets the attachments are of same type (docx). After creating the ticket if attachments were added in comments then those attachments are visible at both ends. While creating a ticket which he have added only those are missing. This is first time seen on the instance. Hope I could a better solution for this.

Jack Brickey Community Leader Sep 15, 2022

So it seems that the issue occurs when the agent opens the ticket rather than the customer and adds the attachments at the time of creation. Correct?

can you detail the steps the agent takes for opening the issue? Specifically...

  1. Does the agent use the "Create" button or "Raise a request" link or some other method?
  2. Does the agent set the reporter to himself or to a customer?
  3. does the agent set the Customer Request Type?
  4. confirm if the agent adds the document during creation or after creation of issue.

Actually what happened is, the ticket has to be created by customer but due to some issues he cant create a ticket and our agent has created a ticket and reporter is added as himself, request type added and also shared with the customer related organization by which the customer can also be able to view the ticket and updates on it. But the attachments added at the time of creation by agent using the "Create" button from the top were not showing in the customer portal even the reporter agent who created it himself it is can't see those attachments. Please check the below attachments for reference.image.pngimage.png

Jack Brickey Community Leader Sep 15, 2022

Can you have the agent try using the "raise a request" or, if using ITSM project and you don't see "raise a request"in the sidebar, use the portal channel to create the request and choose the proper request type and set the reporter to the customer all during the create process. Following this process ensures that the customer is notified of the creation of the issue and should see the attachments from the very beginning. At least that would be my expectations. Let me know if this doesn't make sense or have questions. Otherwise let me know the results of your testing.

@Jack Brickey  Sorry to say this but that doesn't make sense. Because whatever the form of creating ticket either from customer portal or from agent side when it comes to attachments it should replicate here and there right. What I feel is that could be some glitch and I need your help in looking into it. But I don't feel that if you create a ticket from "Raise a request" which land the user to the customer portal and when you create a ticket from there then only the attachment will get visible here and there. In such scenario when agents are updating attachments in the ticket from the agent side then it is showing up at the customer. Most of the tickets it is working fine. But for only those 3 tickets which were created at that moment attachments are not visible at the customer end.

Hope I get a better solution and a better reason behind this.

Jack Brickey Community Leader Sep 15, 2022

@Srujan kumar , Yes I agree the behavior may be different even though arguably it should not be. My suggestion was to test this out to verify if my theory was accurate. Now, let's assume that the method I suggested works as expected. Would that be the case, and you feel that it should not be different when using the create button, then you may wish to reach out to Atlassian support to discuss this matter. However, I suggest let's put that aside and simply test out what I suggested first.

Note, what I do know for sure is that using the create button will not result in notifying the customer properly for the initial creation. The reason for this is that the customer request type is not getting set at the time of the creation which is absolutely required for the customer to be able to view the issue on the portal. Now if the agent comes in after creation and set the customer request type and the reporter is the customer then, and only then will the customer be able to view the request on the portal.

@Jack Brickey I have tested it out and you are true that when I create a ticket from "Raise a request" and added some attachment which was same in previous tickets. It is showing up at the agent view. But when I created another ticket using the "Create" button from the top and add the same attachment it failed to show up at the customer portal. Now this is very strange that the tool is behaving like this even If you inform the same to the other person and they wont believe on this. They will simply say that it should not work in that way as after adding request type it should replicate over there in the customer portal.(Note: while creating from "Create" I have added the proper request type but still it failed). Need your suggestions on this how to fix it and how can I deal with it.

Jack Brickey Community Leader Sep 15, 2022

Hi @Srujan kumar , that is good news and what I would have expected based on my understanding and experience.

Regarding your feedback on how the tool should behave again I would refer you to Atlassian support for an official answer should that be desired. Basically it comes down to ensuring that the customer receives the initial creation notification. Agents really should not use the create button for this very reason. I too wish it behaved differently but the fact of the matter is it does not.

@Jack Brickey Any resolution for this ?

Hi @Srujan kumar ,

I don't understand your last inquiry. To be clear, I do not work for Atlassian. I am simply a user of the products that contributes in the Community here. My previous response captures my recommendations. With that said, I would be very happy to assist further if you have a specific question.

@Jack Brickey Any suggestions to resolve this issue. Even If a agent creates a ticket from "Create" button and attachments added while creating then it should reflect the same in customer portal too with attachments loaded. Is there any way?

Jack Brickey Community Leader Sep 16, 2022

None that I am aware of at the moment other than following the best practice I mentioned. It is possible that Atlassian support may give you a different and better answer. If you do reach out to them and get a response it would be great if you were posted here.

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