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Unable to add Environment field back once removed

Mike Thomas May 13, 2024


We use JSM to work escalation related tickets. When a person submits a ticket, we have a field set as "mandatory", and the submitter only has two options to choose from. The way ours is configured, once the issue is created then this value appears in two places (as a label, and under Environment"). 

There are times where we need to change this value from one to another, and as long as it's changed within "Labels", everything is good. Also note that when this change is made in labels, it will automatically update the Environment field which is what we want. 

Problem we are running into is that sometimes, someone will try to edit the Environment field vs. the label and when this happens, it can cause issues. If you were to go and try to edit Environment, it actually gives you THREE options instead of two (third being NONE). When NONE is accidently chosen, the page refreshes and the environment field is no longer present. The labels may be correct, but the environment field at that point is gone. We leverage the Environment field in many dashboards so we can easily break down the two values (see screenshot). Now in our reporting, we have three in our graphs (the two we always have and now a third that says NONE). 

In Project settings>Issue Types>Service Request, I can see the Environment field however I cannot edit it (also see screenshot). This setting also explains why it's being removed when empty. Is the only way to fix this to where the value would still show is to request a JIRA admin to adjust the settings on the far right that says, "Show when empty"? I was hoping there would be a way I could trigger this value to come back without going that route such as potentially a new automation, but I am not 100%. It just seems like once NONE has been selected, it's gone and no way to add it back. 

Ty for any info around this issue,



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Mike Thomas May 13, 2024

Figured it out. Was as simple as clicking on EDIT on the top left of issue and locating it in the list. 



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