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Multiple service desk projects vs single service desk project

Kimi Nakashima November 13, 2019

Both the company I work for and I myself are new to Jira. We're using service desk cloud, because we're a fairly small company. When I started we only had 2 service desk projects, one for IT and one for client support. But now we have a client that we provide IaaS for that needs to have their own service desk project. Basically they don't want any of their competitors to be able to see their offerings. Since we're on the cloud version we really can't limit the requests that a customer can see in the customer portal unless we create a separate project for them.

The IT group who will be handling most of the IaaS support does not like the idea of needing to monitor 2 projects (and potentially more if we get any other clients with the same requirement). We're getting around this by cloning issues from the client's project into our IT project, but it hasn't been easy to set this up and the number of automation rules has the potential to get pretty big if we add more projects like this.

I'd like to know if the more experienced Jira admins out there have any input on this. Is it that much more work tracking issues in multiple projects? Or would it be better to keep funneling them into 1 project so IT can pay attention to the main project while one person makes sure nothing is getting dropped in the other project?



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