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Jira HelpDesk and Unplanned vs Planned Work

Mk j June 19, 2021

I am looking for recommendations for how to manage planned and unplanned work between Jira Help Desk project and regular Jira Project (for sprints...etc). Current Configuration:

  • end user escalated tickets via portal. Helpdesk team assigns ticket to a queue (each for specific teams) under jira help desk
  • Queues for respective teams are monitored and tickets evaluated. If a ticket is planned work then it is manually cloned into the respective Jira Project for further sprint planning otherwise it is completed and closed under the helpdesk project
  • note dummy ticket is assigned in each sprint (under the planning project) to capture unplanned work during sprint. It is estimated.
  • Reporting is done separately from each project (ie helpdesk and planning projects) to capture both planned and unplanned work. Both are correlated manually to know the velocity


  • Jira HelpDesk Cloud
  • Planning Jira Projects Cloud (next gen)


  • Cloning tickets is ugly and has limitations (eg loosing comments, attachments,...etc)
    • Need to clone because moving the ticket from help desk project to planning jira projects breaks the ticket link to the end user. Although cloning tickets is a new ticket it still keeps link between new ticket and original helpdesk ticket
  • Requiring reporting/dashboards on both projects as apposed to one place.
  • Reporting on unplanned work cannot be consolidated under one dashboard/report because its on separate project leading to manual work to find velocity


  • help desk tickets assign to team queues ==> auto clone all tickets to respective planning projects
    • still have cloning limits
    • all tickets in one project (easier reporting/dashboards...etc)
  • help desk tickets assign to team queues ==> auto Move all tickets to respective planning projects
    • not sure if possible without breaking the original link
    • all tickets in one project (easier reporting/dashboards...etc)
    • need to make sure fields are compatible between both projects

I am really open to any ideas and recommendations. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you



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