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Jira Cloud Slack : Remove fields in issue creation screen

Tony Browne August 2, 2023

I want to know if I can choose which fields show on the "Create Issue from Jira Cloud' form? I've got a LOT of fields here and I'd love to be able to exclude a number of them.

Anyone out there got any ideas where I control this?Thanks!


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Bob Kleinberg August 2, 2023

When you create an issue from Slack, you can choose which issue type to use - and that controls the fields to display.  It should operate as if you were creating that issue type in Jira Cloud directly.  So... this begs the question: "are there two many fields in your Issue Create screen for the issue type, even when you do it from Jira?".  You could create a distinct "Create" issue screen with few fields for that issue type and associate that with the "Create" action, but use the default for the "edit"/"view" actions.  Then, when you create that issue type in Slack, only the "create" view fields could be used.

Or, you could use a different issue type to begin with which has fewer fields.  I'm not that fond of this solution since, once created, the additional fields won't be there unless you move this issue to a different type.  Now.... you could also do a little finessing behind the scenes - create the issue with the more limited field set issue type and have automation move it to the real type on "Create" action (either Jira automation or modify the "Create" transition of the the workflow to do that if you've created that specific reduced field issue type). but that takes more programming effort.
Those are two approaches that came to mind.

paul_price December 7, 2023

I believe the problem is Tony wants the Slack Create issue integration to only show the "Request Form" fields. Right now its showing ALL the "Issue View" fields - many of which may be optional fields for tracking but not a required element for work to start. I have the same issue on an off-boarding project I'm setting up. 

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