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JSM "Search for issues" filter fails to find search word.

L M March 26, 2024


In JSM Cloud, when i have a queue open, Jira displays a searchbox with the placeholder "Search for Issues". This searchbox seems to be broken in our instance, since if i search for a string that is obviously displayed in the list below, i get the error "We couldn't find any requests that match your search".


The string that i searched consists only of letters and is clearly shown in the "Reporter" column of that queue. I can even find it using the ctrl + f search of my browser.

All other Agents are also affected.

How can i fix this?

Thank you.

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Hannes Obweger - JXL for Jira
Marketplace Partner
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March 26, 2024

Hi @lars_meury,

to the best of my knowledge, the search within queues is relatively limited. It appears like it might primarily (only?) be considering an issue's summary, but I'm not 100% sure.

I don't know if this problem justifies additional tooling for you, but just to put it out there: If you're open to solutions from the Atlassian Marketplace, you may want to have a look at the app that my team and I are working on, JXL for Jira.

JXL is a full-fledged spreadsheet/table view for your issues that allows viewing, inline-editing, sorting, and filtering by all your issue fields - including all JSM-specific fields - much like you’d do in e.g. Excel or Google Sheets. It also comes with a number of advanced features, including support for (configurable) issue hierarchies, issue grouping by any issue field(s), sum-ups, or conditional formatting

Plus, its sheet search considers all visible fields, including the reporter.

This is how it looks in action:


As every sheet in JXL is powered by a JQL statement or filter, you can easily model your queues as JXL sheets. It also allows cross-project queues, if that's something you'd be interested in.

Any questions just let me know,



L M March 27, 2024

Hi Hannes

Thanks for your reply. Your tool seems very cool and I'd wish we could buy that, but with our 400 Users, like so often the cost is just not feasible for us whatsoever.

Honestly i'm growing increasingly tired with JSM missing basic functionality and having to rely on expensive extensions to add functionality that Atlassian was asked from the community to add years ago.

Thank you.

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