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How to create the automation of sending an approval reminder email to approvers?



I would like to make the automation rule of sending an approval reminder email to approvers.

How can I make the SLA rule and the customer automation rule in the project?


Thank you in advance.

3 answers

Can I apply/perfrom this rule on existing tickets?

Dirk Ronsmans Community Leader May 17, 2022

Sure. By setting the trigger to either 

  • manual
  • scheduled

or using something like a loop/self transition or triggering on the change of a field 

how can I configure both options manual or scheduled? thanks.

Dirk Ronsmans Community Leader May 17, 2022

Those are in your rule as the trigger. 
You can only have a single trigger tho so if you have it already set up you’ll have to copy the automation and change it 

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Hi @Hyunmi Christina Bae ,

You are on the right track and it's is how we usually solve these too.

  1. Create a new SLA (you can call it Approval Reminder or something like that)
  2. Set the goal on when you want to send the mail 
  3. Have the SLA start counting when you go in to the status that requires approval
  4. Have the SLA stop counting when it leaves that status


For the automation rule, that would work fine with the Server automation too, you can create a rule that says 

if "Approval Reminder" SLA is breached, send the email.


the email won't be the nicest one ever but it will get the job done.

If you need better emails then you'll have to look at an email addon like JEMH or JETI

The biggest issue here will be the email itself. When you try to send it you have very limited fields to choose from who to send it too (reporter/customers involved)

Sadly the "Approvers" field is not one of them. You could send an email to the reporter to ask them to trigger the Approver but that's not the greatest option either.

If you really need it to go to the Approvers field you might need to get an email addon any way

Ok let me split this up in a 2nd reply. Just to make sure my logic works I worked out how you can do this without an addon :)

You will still need the SLA to count when to send the reminder but your automation rule will be a bit different to allow a mail to be sent to the approvers:

1. Your Trigger would be "Approval Required"


2. Your IF condition could be "issue matches , "Approval Reminder = Breached()" (you can substitute your own SLA name of course)


3. Send the mail and since it's a customer notification now, you can send it to the "Approvers" field


Hope this helps! and apologies for jumping back and forth on this.

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Jack Brickey Community Leader Jan 13, 2021

I would approach as follows but would need to play with it to figure out the precise syntax. 

trigger - scheduled daily rule

Condition - JQL - "Approvals[Approvals]" = pending()

action - send email to approvers

the action is where some investigation is needed

Jack Brickey Community Leader Jan 13, 2021

Oh... wait. I see you are on server and likely don’t have Automation fir Jira which is what my response assumed. 

Dirk Ronsmans Community Leader Jan 13, 2021

Hey @Jack Brickey ,

Even on Cloud I would recommend using the SLA mechanism to count as it allows you to use a working days calendar and then send the emails using Automation (with a different rule then which includes the Breached() reason)

This way you don't send reminders/count days not responded during weekends/holidays

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Jack Brickey Community Leader Jan 14, 2021

agree that SLAs work very well for this but TBH I sort of hate using SLAs as "timers" for automations even though I have suggested such in previous posts. It just seems to be a misuse of SLAs. Sort of a use a hammer when I need a screwdriver thingy. If I could hide these 'timer SLAs' then that would be better. Maybe it is just my OCD kicking in here. ;-)

Dirk Ronsmans Community Leader Jan 14, 2021

Absolutely! If there was a way to link a timer to a Calendar I wouldn't even bother with an SLA.. that's my main reason for using/abusing that mechanism.

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