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Hide Project from Portal - but everyone shall send an email

Hi there,


is it possible to hide a projects portal / a project from the portal BUT still allowing everyone to send an email to create an issue? (So EVEN users who are not part of the organization or not yet created in that particular project?)


Thanks in advance

Best regards

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Jack Brickey Community Leader Aug 07, 2017

@Simon Kulessa, is this the only project on the portal? If so you don't have to share the portal with them. However, I suspect you want to have some projects on the portal while others are hidden? Have you tried hiding all issue types from portal? I'm unsure how that would appear but might be worth a try.

Hi Jack,

no unfortunately this doesn´t help. I can still see the service desk portal/project - but now there aren´t any request types specified :D (so it seems as it would be empty)


Jack Brickey Community Leader Aug 07, 2017

Yes that is what i would expect, i.e. That the portal still exists but empty. From your response I deem that as unacceptable solution. What exactly is your end goal for the portal? Are your customer to have access to some projects but not others? Do you simply not plan to use the portal at all? Are some customer to have access to all projects while other have access to some?

The scenario is the following:

Some users will use the portal while some other users will use the mail channel. We have some companies with several 1000 users and these users are used to send an e-mail to a specific address. This e-mail is now part of the service desk. 

Now the service desk users/customers from company A shall not see the projects for company B. To let our agents create every user and add them to a organization is unfortunately unacceptable (because of the high number of users). 

I hope our use-case is clearly now? :)

Jack Brickey Community Leader Aug 07, 2017

I'm going to be tied up for a few hours but will try to get back to you here later. You may wish to read up on Atlassian's documentation in the mean time. Here is an article to start with -

I have a very similar need. We have an HR service desk project on data center we want users at our company to only be able to create issues via email (with built in channel feature not using the mail handler option). We do not want them to see the portal AND we don’t want them to create issues directly in the project. We set up an issue security scheme and removed the service desk customer role from the permissions scheme and used the security role created for limited ability to create issues in the project. 

Success: Doing it this way hid the portal but…

Problem:  Users can still log into Jira to create issues directly in the project as well as email. They have both. Too much. 

So customers  can view the project but only their issues. We wanted them to not see the project OR portal. Only have create issue permission and only interact with agents with their issue via email. 

Recap: Removing their ability to create issues in the project permission scheme results in customers sending email then the Jira email channel and notifications don’t happen.  Adding that permission allows them to create from email but also inside the project.  Help???

Hi Simon,

You can close the JSD project and create a mail handler to receive the emails for creating issues from everyone. The problem with this will be that you will not be able to send a reply since only mail is received and not sent. Another limitation will be the informant.

Jack Brickey Community Leader Aug 15, 2017

@Simon Kulessa,

sorry, i had forgotten about this request. It has been a busy time for me. In any event the issue here is around your desire to separate, and treat differently, accessibility to a project between portal and email. Unfortunately this is not possible (AFAIK). This becomes evident in the project settings>customer permissions screen where you control access. 

Who can access the portal and send requests to Fortress IT Support?

The fact that there isn't an option here to provide access based upon portal independently from email would seem to say that you goal is not achievable natively. 

I would recommend visiting Atlassian's JIRA tracking instance for JSD project suggestion of choice (cloud or server) and search for similar request OR open a new suggestion.

Maybe other's will provide a more desirable response. 

Best of luck!


my main problem is - if we define that only users within the organization or with a valid JIRA account can create a request - then our mail channel wouldn´t work as required. 

We need to let everyone create issues via mail (users that not yet have a JIRA acccount) BUT ALSO hide the projects in the project list/portal project list :( - Otherwise our service desk agents would have to create lots of users and that sometimes quite often :(


To make it more clear:


We´ve about 10 Service Desk projects. 5 of them have to be visible/reachable via e-mail - so these Service Desk projects can be seen by anyone (e.g. the users in the other service desks). 

Is there no way to hide these projects, even when they´re available for everyone via mail?

Hi Simon, 

I've got the same issue you have, separating projects per client (at least visually) without need to create all users on Jira side. Seems linked to this topic:

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