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Few Internal group users are unable to create jira tickets through sending email

Hi Team,

Let me know what are the permission required for creating the jira ticket throw the email.

Few internal group users are unable to create a jira tickets through sending mail to mail server. 

Without any mail server permission they can able to create the jira ticket. few user with mailserver permission still they can't able to create jira ticket.


Let me know how to trouble shoot this issue.


We are using jira v8.20.11 DC


Thanks and Regards


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The users need "create issue" permission in the project that the emails are being routed to, as well as permissions in your mail system to send email to the mailbox your Jira is reading for incoming issues.

Hi @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ 


They are having the all the permission still they sending mails are available to mail server but tickets are not getting converted. This issue not facing all the team member only few people are facing this issue (15/900)

Kindly help me on this issue.


Thanks and Regards


You will need to read the server's logs to find out why it is not processing the incoming email.

Hi @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ 

Yes I was reproduced the issue and verified the log.

Not received any errors in jira incoming mail logs for the reported users. But following errors only I got in log.

But the users are Jira user it should show the user name in log. 

2022-09-14 10:26:02,274 WARN [_mailServer] Caesium-1-3 anonymous   Mail Handler Mail Handler[15801]: Cannot create issue due to invalid license: [Sorry, you can't create any issues right now, as you need to have access to a Jira application to be able to create issues. To gain application access you need to be a member of a group assigned to an application.]


Thanks and Regards


That's exactly the message you get when Jira can't find an account with "create issue" based on the email address of the sender of the email. 

Either the email address does not have an account, or the account does not have "create issue" in the project (actually, the message here is implying that a user has been found, but they don't have access to Jira at all)

Hi @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ 


Let me check in project setting 
Let me know how to check create issue permission for the respected users.


Thanks and Regards


It may be worth understanding the process Jira goes through when it gets an email:

  1. It looks at the email address in the "from" field in the email header
  2. It looks at its list of users, searching it for a user with that email address
  3. If it doesn't find one, it assumes the user is not a valid Jira user, so they can't raise issues (unless you've allowed anonymous create)
  4. If it does find one, then it works with that user.  This is important if you have many user directories or a broken user directory that allows duplicate emails - the search for a user based on email stops on the first one it finds.  If you have multiple users with the same email address, it may not be picking the one you expect!
  5. Now it has a user, it checks if that user is active (inactive users can't raise issues)
  6. Finally, it checks that the user has permission to create issues in the project configured.

When I've had this problem in the past, it's sometimes point 5 (the user is inactive), but the most common culprit has been 4 + 6 - it's matching the email to a different account with the same email, and that account doesn't have create issue in the project.

Hi @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ 

Thanks for you input.

Let me share those user permissions:-

1. They are have Jira user

2. They are in the part for that project internal group Eg:- project name is DTS then they are in part of dts_int group and service desk user  Those who are in this group they are have the permission to create the ticket in this project.


Thanks and Regards


Are they enabled users (Can you get one of them to log in and try to create an issue in the project - not to the end of the process, just as far as getting the popup for entering the fields)?  Could there be duplicate accounts with the same email address? 

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