Duplication of approval mail in case of multiple approval levels

Stefan Stadler March 20, 2024

Hi all,

I am facing a very strange behaviour and still try to understand the root cause.

Here is what I am doing:
I have created an approval workflow to be re-used in several different situations. The approval can have up to 3 levels and each level can decide if there is one approval needed or all from that level.

This is working fine with the help of ScriptRunner fast-tracking based on conditions.

Now what is strange:

The users required for the approval are in separate custom fields: Approvers, 2nd Approvers, 3rd Approvers.

For the demonstration, I have added myself as the approver in all 3 fields.

The problem is with the email that is sent: It includes one additional "approval block" from the second level onwards. Meaning the approver in the 3rd stage will get 2 approve buttons in one mail, which does not make sense at all. The first approval level is working fine.

Does anybody has an explanation on why this happens this way?



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Stefan Stadler March 20, 2024

Here are the images as I was unable to add them in the original post:


This is the second mail (and third approval level mail looks identical):




Here you can see the workflow. The status "Open" as well as "Preparing 2nd level approval" and "Preparing 3rd Level approval" are all handled by fast-tracks.


Peter Klein March 20, 2024

It sounds like you're encountering a peculiar issue with the email notifications in your approval workflow. Despite setting up the workflow correctly for multiple approval levels, the email notifications are displaying an additional "approval block" from the second level onwards, resulting in redundant approval buttons in the email. This inconsistency might be caused by a misconfiguration in the email notification settings or a glitch in the workflow automation tool you're using. To troubleshoot this problem, you could review the email notification configurations to ensure they are set up correctly for each approval level. Additionally, consider reaching out to the support team or documentation of the workflow automation tool you're using for further assistance in diagnosing and resolving this issue.

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