Can I reference an object type in my external import that is not part of the import?

Jacob Olson January 18, 2023

I am building a script that only imports one object type, objectType1, into my schema. One of the attributes in this external import references an object type, objectType2, that is not part of the import, but is already in the schema. I have found that when I do not include the object type attributes and mapping for objectType2, the object type that is being referenced by objectType1, in the import I get a returned error that says "UNKNOWN_REFERENCE" for objectType2. So my initial response was to just include objectType2 in the import. But this would require me to delete the data currently in that object type so that I can run the PUT request that imports the mapping. This is extra work and extra headache that I would like to not do if it is possible.

Is there a way to run a PUT request that imports the mapping into the CMDB that only imports one object type but that also includes a referenced_object that references a different object type that is not part of the import but is already in the schema? 



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Julia Gracia March 14, 2023

Hi Jacob

Are you using the Object Key of objectType2 to set the attribute? 

thomas January 18, 2024

Hi @Julia Gracia 

What's this `objectType2` you are talking about?

In JSM Assets latest schema (2023-10-19) there isn't any object called `objectType2`

I am interesting in your solution because maybe you have the solution to our pain.

Ref: to available schema comes from here.

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