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Automation rule in JSM not performing as expected when cloning ticket or assigning items to a field

Greg Williams September 7, 2023


I'm having issues running an automation in JSM.

  • We have it set to take the data from an intake form, the JSM project name is "INTAKE".
  • We have to copy the ticket over to another project for processing, called "DATA"
  • The user has requested that one field (Team) that has a list of "user-friendly" names that get converted to another name (System use) for the project users to work with. 
    • Example: Analytics Data Platform in the request is changed to DPS Data Engineering based on the "Team" field in Jira.

What has been happening is that the Automation will not always assign the Team in the copied issue in "DATA". Sometimes the "Team" field is populated, other times it is not.

What I did was to have the automation assign the appropriate team on the original ticket, then clone to the new Project. But the cloned ticket did not assign to the correct team, so then I had the subtasks mirrored on the original and copy. So it would assign the appropriate team, then copy the ticket to the new project, then the team assignment would repeat there as well.

I have a suspicion that my automation is not formatted correctly, or I have chosen the wrong options when running subtasks in the automation. Basically I have 4 options in the "Team" section of the JSM form that need to be changed over to 4 differently named Teams in Jira. I've had to use scripting in order to perform this action. 

Attached is the automation rundown (sensitive info redacted) and an example of the script rename. 

So the Automation process should be:

  1. User selects a team to assign the issue and submits ticket
  2. THEN Assign appropriate team
    1. If Value 1 then Assign to Team 1
    2. If Value 2 then Assign to Team 2
    3. If Value 3 then Assign to Team 3
    4. If Value 4 then Assign to Team 4
  3. THEN Clone ticket to DATA project
  4. THEN Copy all values as in original ticket (including Team field)
  5. THEN Notify appropriate contacts

You'll see that what I currently have is to assign the team, then Clone to new project, then once again assign the team (since it is not copying that info over on the clone). An example "If/Then" assignment is also below:



Data Intake Subtask - If.jpg


Data Intake Subtask - Then.jpg


Full automation:


Thanks for any assistance.

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Mark Higgins
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
September 10, 2023

Hi Greg,

The fact that some times it is populated and other times it is not, does sound like a permission issue.

IS the rule set to run, as the auto bot, or the user that triggers the rule?


Greg Williams September 11, 2023

Hi Mark:

So far I'm the only one testing, and it's weird that it worked one day, and not the next. 

It's running auto, triggered upon submit. The end user selects the group and then the automation should convert it.

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