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Atlassian - the worst User Management I've ever tried to use

Mike Eastwood May 7, 2018

Once again I am utterly frustrated at the incompetent User Management in Atlasssian products.

I just lost half an hour trying to add a customer so they had read/write access to a single Confluence Space.

  • The email hijacked the login to Jira Service Desk (even though they didn't have access)
  • Allowed them to choose another client's project - even though they didn't have permission.
  • I can't even log into Confluence with the Test User I set up to check the settings.

The User Management for Jira is even worse.

If you are looking for a product where you have to manage users so they can access their own product I highly recommend you avoid Atlassian products.

Really disappointing incompetence from a company I have loved for a decade. 



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Mike Eastwood May 7, 2018

Any Spaces in Confluence, created by a Service Desk project, are shared to all users by default - WTF? - even though the new user had no access to Jira Service Desk.

So, you need to disable global access to all Knowledge Spaces automatically created for Jira Service Desk Projects.

54 minutes lost.


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