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About processing that is impossible with JIRA service management automation

青山 明 September 12, 2023

I have a question about automating JIRA service management.
Are there any documents that describe processes that cannot be achieved through automation? For example, repeated processing is not possible, nested judgment processing is not possible, etc.

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Ingo Wenke September 12, 2023

Hi @青山 明 ,

this is a tough question. There won't be a total summary available of what's not possible, because you have to update it nearly every week due to continuous deployment of enhanced or new features.

Repeated processing? It's possible. Nested judgment? It's possible. Solutions to be discussed on specific user story. 

You will find solution where JIRAs REST API is called via automation to process specific tasks, which are not available as a one-shot call.

青山 明 September 12, 2023

Thank you for your reply.
However, with JSM automation, there is a limit of 10 repetitions and it cannot be used. Also, nested judgment processing is not possible. Is there any evidence that it can be done?

Ingo Wenke September 13, 2023

Hi @青山 明 ,

I think I have not understand your question by now. 

Can we get one step back and clarify your subscription?

As you can see on page

* single project automation is unlimited

* multi project automation has limits, depending on your subscription

While I've written there are no limits, I've had our premium subscription in mind. There are a limit for multi-project automation, but we don't need them by far.

When you say "repetitions" can you explain the rule a bit more, so I might understand it? What is the trigger event and what's the project scope (single / multi project)?


Thank you


青山 明 September 13, 2023

Thank you for your reply.
For example, when parsing JSON data etc. in automation. When you have multiple pieces of data, you have to iterate over them, which is difficult. This is possible with scripts, etc.
Judgment processing is difficult to automate, but nested judgment processing is difficult.
Such processing is necessary when parsing JSON data.

Ingo Wenke September 13, 2023

ok, understand. At this point, we have developed our own (Forge) Apps for integration and external system integration.

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