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Reoprting open issues by age

How can you report open issues by age?

I want to be able to see a column chart that shows only open issues based on their age eg 0 days, 1 day old, 30 days old etc.



I want to be able to see data like this in chart form:

Age of issues / open issues

issues that are 1 day old / 7

issues that are 2 days old / 10

issues that are 3 days old / 3

and so on

If someone closes an issue that is 2 days old the chart updates

issues that are 1 day old / 7

issues that are 2 days old / 9

issues that are 3 days old / 3

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AgentSmith Atlassian Team Feb 06, 2013


It sounds like the Average Age Report might suffice your needs:

"The 'Average Age' report is a bar chart showing the average age (in days) of unresolved issues at given points in time. The report is based on your choice of project or issue filter, and your chosen units of time (ie. hours, days, weeks, months, quarters or years)."

More info if interested:

Also, I included a more comprehensive list of reports, just in case you wish to explore gathering addtional data:

I hope this response was helpful.


Jason | Atlassian

Thanks but unless I'm reading that report wrong it's not quite what I'm looking for.

I want to be able to see data like this in chart form:

Age of issues / open issues

issues that are 1 day old / 7

issues that are 2 days old / 10

issues that are 3 days old / 3

and so on

If someone closes an issue that is 2 days old the chart updates

issues that are 1 day old / 7

issues that are 2 days old / 9

issues that are 3 days old / 3

Our management team is looking for the same report as Jenni describes here. The average age does not meet our requirements.  We need the ability to drill in and view issues by age periods (days, weeks, months). 

Unfortunately you are on OnDemand which does not allow you to have customization :( Otherwise the possiblity would be to use a scripted field which returns the number of days and use the Issue Statistics gadget based on this field. You may also even have the days as a range (something like 1-5 days, 5-10 days, more than 10 etc.)

I'm looking for a similar report has anyone found a solution?

I also need a similar  report with Ageing / Count with Drill down to get details of the count. Did anybody found a solution?

This thread seems dead, but I too am looking for a similar report so that we can move off of Zendesk. Has anyone found a solution?

Keeping this alive in the hopes for an answer!

I'm looking for the same report too

How about this gadget called: Average Age ChartAverage Age.PNG

Unfortunately that does not really address what I and others are looking for, which is essentially an aging report of the # of issues that have been open for a particular range of time. For me, I want to know how many requests have been open between 0 - 7 days, 7 - 14 days, 14 - 21 days, and 21+ days. I've resorted to creating 4 filters for those ranges and using the Issue Statistics gadget, which gives me the raw values, but I would ideally like to see it in a bar chart format, so I'm currently extracting those raw values to Excel, but will be looking into some reporting plugin's in the new year.

Okay. How about my next reply?

This one seems to work for me: Resolution Time. Resolution Time.PNG

It works if you are interested in a bar graph of resolution times for issues. This particular request is about issues that are not yet resolved, and displaying them visually in buckets of time ranges of how long they have been open.

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Hey @Paul Henry

Were you ever able to find something that satisfied this requirement? I'm running into this issue about 6 months later, ha.


Best, Mike


Unfortunately no, although I have not had time to research other reporting plugins as of yet. So I am still using my 4 filters for the raw values and then extracting that data to Excel for the actual graphic. I only need to do that on a monthly basis, so it is not a significant amount of work for me.


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Thanks for the quick response Paul!

I too have been searching for some kind of Issue/Defect Aging chart but haven't been able to find anything or figure anything out; Average Age is not the same.

Defect Aging is a standard metric in defect management, how does Atlassian not have something for that.

And how do you complain to them?

Like # people like this

I followed the below mentioned approach to meet my requirement;

1. I created a filter to fetch all the open issues (i.e. not closed, resolved...).

2. Used the inbuilt gadget "Recently Created Chart" with my filter to get a monthly Barc-Hart of count of open issues. 

It may be a workaround for others.

I was looking for a plugin for the dashboard that showed me the oldest issues in a chart or list in the order of the age of the issues. I couldn't find that either but I have a workaround that might help you partly  too.  It can list the first n oldest open issues.

- I use "Filter results" plugin on dashboard to collect the oldest issues.
- In the plugin I use a special filter where I narrowed down my original issue filter to have only the open issues (in a set of statuses) listed to remove the Done issues from the age list.
- In the filter I sort the results by Created date.
- You can set how many results I want to see in this plugin. I set it to 20.

You can specify in the plugin which fields to show in the columns, so in the end on the dashboard I have a plugin with a list of the 20 oldest open issues in a table sorted by Created date and listing Assignee, Prio, etc.

I know that it is not the wanted output for you but can help.

If you really want the output grouped by age categories (1 day old, 2 days old, etc issues) you can have a separate Filter result plugin for each category that collects only issues that are in the range. I guess you can setup the filters (one for each plugin) to find issues between dates or between elapsed times, too

For example to filter issues that are between 20 and 80 days old use this in the filter:

AND created >= "-80d" AND created <= "-20d"


This can be easily created using our Reporting App AIO Reports and Timesheets for Jira

Here is an article explaining the steps involved: Jira: Open Issues by Age



AIO Support

Can you please elaborate on the solution more. I could go through it to get defect age field.





AIO Reports and Timesheets for Jira is a third party plugin available on Atlassian marketplace. You can get step by step instructions to create the defect age report at this link:


If you face any issues, please email us at and we will be happy to provide a demo.



AIO Support

Defect ageing being an important metrics to be reported as part of QA. Can someone suggest if we are able to get defect age field on JIRA for defect reporting.

I have been trying all luck this week but still not got any solution.




You can use a series of filters to get issues in age groups using this in the filters:

AND created >= "-80d" AND created <= "-20d"   (collects issues between 20 and 80 days)

Please see my example in my earlier comment.

We fixed this and here is the query  issuetype in (Incident, "Service Request", "Service Request with Approvals") AND resolution = Unresolved AND created >= startOfDay(-7) see attached picture 

Hi Harold,  we don't see the attachment, can you please give  reference as we are  also looking some solution in our project

shraddha I'm New Here Feb 16, 2020

Hi Harold, this is great. May I know which report /gadget you have used to show this report? We are looking for similar stats for our kanban project.

Hi Harold, Looking at the gadgets seems you are using pie chart gadget and using filters past 7 days, past 14 days etc. However by this we need to create separate filters and separte gadgets to display ageing.


I am looking for some solution to display ageing  in single view with no. of days created for the ticket. i.e.  Ticket X created on Y date = no. of days already passed from the creation date.


Please advise 

Its a pie chart and then you build custom counts within the filter counts, Below is an example of the jql query of 1 of the custom counts i have in report

project = "10002" AND resolution = Unresolved AND created <= startOfDay(-14) AND type in (Incident, "Service Request", "Service Request with Approvals") and "Pending reason" is EMPTY

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The time since chart seems to be an answer.


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