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Automating the "bubble up" date for JPD

Adam Sadowski March 27, 2024

Hey everyone!

I've been setting up JPD for my org following Edmund's great youtube videos. One of the automations we're most excited about is implementing the "snooze" like behavior for idea statuses (next month, 3 months, 6 months).

Edmund briefly explained that there is a hidden custom field for the "bubble up date", and then there is a script that runs each night that scans each idea to determine if the bubble up date has been reached to then change the idea status to "proposed".

Would anyone be willing to hop on a quick call to help my team implement this?

Thanks so much!

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Bill Sheboy
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March 27, 2024

Hi @Adam Sadowski -- Welcome to the Atlassian Community!

If there is a date field set in an idea, an automation rule could be created with a scheduled trigger to evaluate the date and make a status transition.  For example:

  • trigger: scheduled every day at 1 am, with JQL to find issues with the date set, and in a particular status
  • smart value condition: test if the date is before {{now}}
  • action: transition the issue

If you want to try creating such a rule, please refer to these documentation and example sources:

Please note well: JPD uses a different format / type of dates than the rest of Jira.  And so a rule condition will be required rather than using JQL to evaluate issues, at this time.  Perhaps in the future Atlassian will add support for JPD date format to JQL.

Kind regards,

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Mark Moline March 27, 2024

I've been working on this problem as well.  Would love to see how others are doing it.

And what are these Edmund videos?



James Wilson March 27, 2024

I had the same question and then realised... it's these beauts! 3 part series


Part 1 - How one team in Atlassian uses Jira Product Discovery: Part 1 – Idea Triage | Atlassian


Part 2 - How one team in Atlassian uses Jira Product Discovery: Part 2 - Prioritisation | Atlassian


Part 3 - How one team in Atlassian uses Jira Product Discovery: Part 3 - Automation | Atlassian

Rich March 27, 2024

@Mark Moline @James Wilson This links to the bubble up approach, and this links to one of the loom videos.

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Mark Moline March 27, 2024

Here's the rough version of what we're working on...

Instead of roadmap field we're using new status values to indicate how far down the road we want to kick the can.

Short Term = 30-60 days
Medium Term = 61-90 days
Long Term = 91-180 days

An automation triggers on status change and picks a random date within the ranges listed.

That date is set in a custom text field "kickDateString" because I can't get JPD to set a regular date field with automations. Grrr.

The next step is to write a scheduled automation that finds kickDateString records that are less than the current date and transition those ideas one-level up in the status hierarchy.

Next next step is to add two counters. The first to count the number of times we've kicked this can down the road. The second will be the number of times the idea has been resurfaced into Discovery for us. Eventually those will help identify the ideas that sound good but we just don't really want to do.


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James Wilson March 27, 2024

Hey Adam,

Sorry that this isn't an answer - but would you mind sharing Edmunds videos, pretty please?

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