Why did you remove the 'Required' from the account field in issues

After more than a year of using Tempo and Jira, I finally found a way to force issue creators to put an account so I can bill each departments properly.  Since about a month or two I can't do that anymore.  With the interface I managed to to put the Account Field on the top of the form when creating a new issue but since it is not mandatory (required) anymore, people just skip it. 

Are we going to have that feature back ?  Anytime soon ?  Why did you remove the 'required' attribute in the first place ?

I also had a great time searching in google on how to create an issue in JIRA for the JIRA product.  Google always sends you to the documentation on how to create an issue on your own system.

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Hello Francois!

You can actually configure a field and make it either optional or required.

field configuration defines the behavior of all fields available in your JIRA installation, including JIRA's own 'fixed'/'built in' fields (known as 'system' fields) and custom fields.

For each field, a field configuration specifies:

  • the description that appears under the field when an issue is edited
  • whether the field is hidden or visible
  • whether the field is required (i.e. the field will be validated to ensure it has been given a value) or optional
  • (for text fields only) which renderer to use

 To make a field required or optional, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in as a user with the JIRA Administrators global permission.
  2. Choose  > Issues. Select Fields > Field Configurations to open the View Field Configurations page, which lists all your field configurations.
    tick Keyboard shortcutg + g + start typing field configurations
  3. Locate the field configuration of interest and click the Configure link to open the View Field Configuration page, which lists all system and custom fields in your JIRA installation for that field configuration.
  4. To make a field mandatory when used through JIRA's user interface, click the Required link associated with that field.

For further reading and more details, you can check this documentation page out:
Specifying Field Behavior

Hope this answer helps, and I wish you a good day!

Warm Regards,
Ezra A. R. A. 

By the way, Francois, if this solution helps in the slightest, do you mind accepting the answer so other users with similar situation can find this? laugh Thank you!

Thank you Ezra for trying to help me.
I did exactly what you said but it seems that Jira has decided to make the Tempo Account field deprecated.  There is a new one with the status LOCKED.  I can't edit it anymore as you can see on the included screen shot.
Ok, it seems I can't upload an image (Invalid response received from server)  I'll try to describe it the best I can.
On Administration->Issues->View Field Configuration
Account LOCKED
Tempo Account custom field
And right under that
Account 'deprecated, this field is no longer being used.  
I can EDIT the one that says deprecated but not the one that says LOCKED.  Meaning, I can't make it 'REQUIRED'.

Hello Francois!

I would like to apologize since I cant upload an image as well, all the screenshots i will include for this answer are uploaded in Dropbox.

I have tried to replicate your issued and ended up with same result as you:
Screenshot 1 

Good news is, I have found a workaround for it! These fields are locked to prevent accidental changes which can subsequently break the operation of JIRA Software. Due to certain problems within JIRA Software, sometimes the fields need to be manually unlocked so they can be altered. To be able to unlock it, you will have to run SQL queries in your database. Here is the resolution steps:

  1. Run the following query via database to determine the JIRA Software custom field IDs:

    SELECT id,customfieldtypekey,cfname from customfield where cfname like 'Account';

    You will get results similar to this: Screenshot 2, and you will be able to know the id (in my case, it's 10300)

  2. You will have to match the id of the field you want to unlock with the according entry in managedconfigurationitem table's item_id column. Run the following query:

    SELECT id,item_id,item_type,managed from managedconfigurationitem;

     You will get results similar to this: Screenshot 3, and i can see customfield_10300 which is the item_id for my particular Account Custom Field.

  3. You will need to set the managed column to false of any field you want to unlock. See this query as example:

    UPDATE managedconfigurationitem set managed='false' where item_id in ('customfield_10300');

    Change the id to your Account Custom Field ID you found in step 1. After you run the query, It will says that the row has been affected. You can now go back to your JIRA and check back the field configuration, it should be unlocked like this: Screenshot 4

  4. After you make the necessary changes, make sure you lock it again by running the following query:

    UPDATE managedconfigurationitem set managed='true' where item_id in ('customfield_10300');

    Change the id to your Account Custom Field ID you found in step 1, just like in step 3.

 I hope this answer can help you, and I wish you a very good day!

Warm regards,
Ezra A. R. A. 

Thank you Ezra,

The only problem I have is that we are using JIRA ONDEMAND which I believe does not let us access the database.  I guess I can open an issue an have someone execute the script for me at Jira.

Warm cheers,


Oh i missed the fact that you used JIRA OnDemand. Yes I guess they can help you with that.
Hope you can fix your the field soon!

Warm Cheers,

Hi all,

There is a much easier way to make Account field Required.
Since you are using this field, I assume you have Tempo Timesheets installed as well (Plugin for managing accounts and billing).
1) Go to Tempo => Administartion
2) Tempo Accounts => Accounts Configuration
3) You'll see the section "Make Tempo Account Custom Field required in JIRA Field Configurations"
=> Here, all field configurations that you have set up in JIRA are shown
=> Just tick the configurations you want to have Account field as Required

Basically I tick all of them.
Hope this helps!

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