Hello, i want my resolution field only to appear in the closed and resolved screen of a task how do i do that. It keeps apperaing as required in the create Task screen, although i removed it from the task screen. It is in use in our bug workflow as wel. There it is required....

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I suspect you've looked at the wrong screen(s).

Go to the project in which you are creating the task.  Go to the admin part and look for the "issue type screen scheme" and go into it.  This will list the "screen scheme" in use for each issue type (there may well only be one and it might just say "all issue types"), so go find the one in use for "tasks".  Go into that "screen scheme" and check what "screen" is in use for View, Edit and Create (again, there may only be one shared one).

Do the same for "bugs" in the project.

Once you have established what screens are in use, you can change them, removing resolution from create/edit.

Ah, ok, Phill beat me to it, and now there's a screen shot. In that screen shot, you need to go into the "NTG Task Screen" and remove resolution from the screen. (There's a bit of a cheat here - you can remove it from the "view" screen and it will still appear ok because it's a system field)

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Ok, let's stop and step back.  Your schemes seem very confused and I can't make a lot of sense of them.  I'd like to step through a complete separation of screens. So, could you do the following:

  • Create four new screens, calling them something like:
    • NTG Create
    • NTG Edit
    • NTG View
    • NTG Resolve
    • Do NOT place the resolution field on the first three.  It should only be on the fourth
  • Now create a new Screen scheme (called NTG Screen scheme) which should say:
    • Create: NTG Create
    • Edit: NTG Edit
    • View: NTG View
  • Now create a new issue type screen scheme (called NTG issue type screen scheme) which we will keep very simple (it's easy to change later)
    • All issue types: NTG Screen scheme
  • Now associate that issue type screen scheme with your project
  • Finally, go into your workflow for the project and check all the transitions, such that:
    • All transitions from open type status to closed type status use the transition screen: NTG Resolve
    • All transitions from closed type status to open type status use a post function set to clear resolution field

This should make this project totally independent of others in terms in screens, so you can't mess these up by changing other project settings.

Hy i can understand why this is confusing.´, but my question first. Isn t it useful to create diferent screens for different kind of Issue types in the NTG Project...since for each Issue type i want to see different fields on it..that s why we made this separation and that s why i do not want to change it now...

I think i understood it: I create an Issue type screen scheme for in my case 3 Project where all the 9 issues i am using do appear. In the (9) screen scheme i define how the screens are shown for which operation. EG i want for a Bug creation another screen than for editing it( Which is not my case up to now). And the screen finally just show me in which order the fields will be displaces on the screen. So coming back to my problem i have to make sure that nowhere in my screen schemes the resolution field appears ..am i right ??

Correct, you do not want the resolution field anywhere in the screen schemes. It is only for transition screens

oh i am happy to understand..please keep on here in a minute i will ask the final question and than i think i got it !!!!!!! (-; (-;

if i remove it now from screen schemes what happens to issues that have it in use or on the screen actually ?? )-; since 3 Projects are using this screen scheme i am really worried about removing it now somewhere

Screens are *just* a list of fields to show to a user at certain times. Adding/removing fields on screens has no effect on the data.

so now I removed it from all the screen schemes that means it will not be shown anymore on the screens ?

Almost. It is a system field, so it will continue to be shown on the issue view. You can ignore that of course. Be careful in your thought process - you have not removed the field from the "screen schemes". You have removed it from the "screens" that the "screen schemes" are using.

ok now what i will do is , for all my workflows (9 since a different workflow for each issue type ) i add the resolve screen to the transition to closed. (Also to the transition to resolved ??)

somebody put assignee, fix version, log work and resolution to this ressolve screen, is it senseful to put log work here ?

Furthermore using the transition screen i do no more need the post funcion "The resolution for this issue will be set to Done". Since i will do this via the transition screen

It's fine to put other fields on resolution screens, just as long as they might be useful there. "I've resolved an issue, so I'm going to say what version I did it in, and then how long I worked on it for" is a good combination. You should either put the resolution on the resolve screen OR use a post-function, never both (because it'll confuse your users)

yes considering the basic idea that the resolution field should minimize number of statuses it would be useful to set resolution field on the resolve issue screen and even in my task workflow than icould delet the status "cancelled" since i can put this as resolution.and just close the issue, than i took most credit out of this field function....am i right ?!

another topic,..i see now still issues in my project that are new but having the resolution field set on "Fixed" is that still a mistake out of my old screen schemes ??

and if i delete this post funcion now and subsitute it with the ressolve issue screen. will this effect the resolution of any of the closed issues that use the post function .. i do want to avoid users killing me since i changes there reoslution field

No, post-functions are run when transitions are used. They don't get applied just because you change them - JIRA has no way of knowing what "should" be done.

uff i do not understand your answer.. if i now add the resolve screen in workflows that are already in use in other projects..with issues already being closed and so on........what must i consider. Some of this workflows have the post function in use, that set resolution field to DONE once this issue was closed....

I don't understand. Why would changing a post-function or screen affect existing issues? They are point-in-time - they take effect when someone uses them, they don't adjust data just because you change them.

now i get confused again, well i removed the resolution field from my screen schemes,,so far so good, no each issue i create should be set automatically to unresolved and not be changed..now i can choose to use post funcion or ressolve issue screen to set resolution if i close the issue....?! am I right? and..which is better ?

ahh ok..no i just fear that ..i am not from IT so i am very carefull..so no problem i could remove post function and use ressolve issue screen....? what is better ?

Please see what I said under "handling the resolution field", and the comment above about "use one or the other". Neither way is "better", it depends on your process.

ok thanks where can i find this "Handling the resolution field " /-; /-;

On this page in the other thread.

ok thanks a lot for your time and effort !!!!!!

just on more question /-; since all this arised having problems today that because of changing a component of an Issue that also changed resolution state to "Fixed". was this behaviour probably because of "wrong " screen schemes ? or could it still appear , even after removing resolution from screen scheme ?

and : /-; how can i change the resolution field somehow set to "fixed" in issues that are not yet closed...16 issues concerned

Hi Corinna

Can you check that you have removed it from the Create Screen associated with your task issue type. You may need to create a new create screen for your bug workflow if you want to keep the resolution in there.


Here it does no more appear on any screen

Task are in use in NTG Issue type Screen scheme

I'd guess it is on the other tab.

no it is not.. i checked all the tabs....

the problem is it is ok i remove it from the tabs and all fine. but next day i got to Jira it s there againn , as required....how should i generall handle this resolution field........? what is with the Resolve issue screen that ships whith Jira, how to use this ?

There's nothing I know of that does that. Which means it is almost certainly being re-added by another administrator. I'd enable the admin logging and wait until it is re-added again, then go shout at who has been doing it (I'd actually seriously consider removing their admin rights, they need training before they should have the rights)

(So, yes, it IS on the screen, and you've got a different problem. Also, we're having the same conversation at https://answers.atlassian.com/questions/32994344/answers/32994497 - I suggest you mark an answer right on one of these questions and continue with one thread)

ok let us continue with this tab.....i do not know how to "mark an answer"....

do i need the ressolve issue screen to work with the resolution field ?

Ah, look to the left of the answer (not comments) for the up/down/tick icons - the tick marks an answer correct.

so i should remove the resolution field in all my task screens and add the task workflwo to the ressolve issue screen ?

The "resolve issue" screen is a default screen provided in the off-the-shelf JIRA installation, and it is used in the system workflow that you can't edit. It's a good example of how to do a resolve screen, but you don't have to use just that one screen, you can create your own.

ok, and what do i have to do with resoultion field in my field configuration ?

how would you proceed if you set up a SW dev. project in Jira with the Resolution field. You need it for the Bug workflow and i need it also for the fnished tasks so i need to know if a task is unresolved or Done.....(Because i create my weekly reports only about the unresolved tasks)....my head is just bursting about this resoution field....i set up different screens for Bugs and Tasks....and different workflows

The resolution field is needed for ALL issue types (even if you think you don't want to use it, you do, because of the way JIRA works for reporting etc). What you need to change is *where* it is being set. You might need different screens and workflows for bugs and tasks, but the resolution field is not what makes that decision for you, it should be your desired processes. How to handle the resolution field: * In the field configuration - do nothing, accept the defaults. The field doesn't need any unusual settings - do NOT hide it and do NOT make it mandatory. * Do NOT put the resolution field on any screen used for Create or Edit. (View does not matter) * Only put the resolution field on *workflow* screens used when going from an "open" type status to a status you want to consider to be "closed" * Always clear the resolution field using a post-function on "reopen" type transtions * (Optional - If you don't want the users to worry about resolution, remove it from the transition screens as well, BUT always remember to set it in the post-functions instead)

D ont you need it on the Bug screen ? I have it on Default and Create Bug Screen, because i thought it is necessary in the Bug issue workflow or so...?!

NO! That's the whole point - you must *never* put it on a create or edit screen.

Oh, one other thought about your "it keeps reappearing" problem. I suspect you are using the same screen in two places and not realising that it is the same screen. So, you're removing the field from the "create/edit" screen (NTG Default screen) and later, adding it to the transition screen (also NTG Default screen). Or, if it is another admin doing it, they're not realising the screen is used in other places.

is Edit Hire Screens the default for Field configuration Resolution field ? I wonder Required is not appearing ?

This is how whole scenario looks like,,iin my screens,,,not good I think...)-; i should have a no everywhere as a first step ?

I'm afraid I don't understand the table, it doesn't tell me anything. You need to look at the *screen scheme* for the issue type first. What *screens* does that use? Then look at the workflow and tell us what screen is selected for the close/resolve issue transitions

uppps i got lost....this is my Issue Type Screen scheme...but i thought my screens show which filed is shown on the scheme ? or am i wrong ?

and this is my screen scheme-...

what does a screen scheme exactly show again..i get confused about this concept..../-;

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