BigPicture not correctly syncing from board while roadmap to board is working fine

I setup a roadmap with team, board and sprint. while the board correctly shows the state of tickets in backlog and in sprint the roadmap does not update its state (on reload or if i enable auto sync).

sync roadmap ->board is working

sync board -> roadmap is not working 

For example: at the moment roadmap shows one issue on the team and 3 in cadence backlog while in fact two issues are in the sprint. The only way to get stuff in sync is to redo all in the roadmap.


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  1. In this Program's configuration, in the synchronization tab, make sure "Lazy sync" is disabled
  2. Make sure the Sprint is started on your board
  3. On the Roadmap, click the live sync icon, then R twice on your keyboard to re-sync

only "Recalculate parents" is set. Pressing r doesn't do anything. 
Why a sprint must be started? Does this mean there is no synching for future sprints? I can't see in the roadmap if a team sets up its sprints? Only for sprints that are started? 

Sprint starting was just a diagnostic info - there was a bug in which only started sprints were synced, so only wanted to see if that's it or a different beast.

Instead of clicking R (which should work when pressed twice rapidly) you can click the cog icon and re-sync on the Roadmap.

starting sprint didn't change anything. The synching from board to roadmap only works in very few cases. i just added moved a issue from backlog to sprint that correctly synched in roadmap but moving it back didn't sync in the roadmap. i saw a short flickering that indicate that live sync did something but the issue didn't move back to cadence backlog. I also tried with program backlog same problem there.
(there is no "re-sync" if i click on cog) 

Which version of the plugin are you running?

how to check this?

In the standard JIRA plugin manager, that is Add Ons->Manage Add-Ons


The lack of Re-sync in the cog icon sounds like a very old version, which would explain the strange behaviour. The latest is 5.0.1.

thanks for advice - i am no admin. but i will talk to him.

we just updated but the problem persists. it seem pulling from backlog into sprint in the board is correctly synced in roadmap but pulling back into backlog isn't synced properly (probably bigpicture doesn't know where to put it - in cadence backlog or program backlog?)

Is this on the large team mode (where each team has their own board), or on the small team one (where a Cadence is 1 Sprint)?

how to see or configure this? At the moment i have only one team. And i have to configure a sprint for each cadence. but at the moment only one cadene has a sprint assigned.

It's under the Manage Roadmap menu (cog icon or M twice on keyboard). You have to have at least 2 teams (even fake ones without members) to see the difference in full.


Does the changes kick in when you refresh the screen?

i just added a team and assigned an existent board to it. Then i assigned an sprint to a cadence for this team (the sprint was created before and started already) but the roadmap doesn't show the issues from this sprint. i can find them in program backlog and drag them into the sprint in the roadmap but the roadmap only shows issues i dragged within the roadmap and not those that were already in the sprint.

Sorry for the slow reply, AtlasCamp is going on now and hence the delay.


One last question, a crucial one: do the tasks from mapped Sprints appear in Cadence Backlogs? The difference between program and cadence backlogs is quite important here.

first i saw them in program backlog. the sync from roadmap to board works fine. issues in program or cadence backlog are in backlog on the board. the problem is the other direction. issues moved in the board are often not moved in roadmap. 

Hi Moritz, here's Marcin - roadmap team leader

First thing which will be really helpful to know is what is your Jira Version and Jira Agile/Software Version

To help You, I need to know which sync mode You currently use. To check it: click cog-icon on roadmap and then go to "Manage roadmap", single select will show currently chosen value.

As soon as I will know what sync mode You use, I will be able to help You - first describing which behaviours are expected, then helping You with problems

TIP1: If you are reinstalling the plugin, always try to uninstall and install it (not just update) - your data is safe, don't worry

TIP2: Don't worry about assigning board to a team, it is not obligatory, it doesn't have any influence on the way the roadmap works. The reason is that sprints are really loosely coupled with boards. This assignment will only add to your Team Card a small link to its board - it is just an UX improvement.

Here is the version info:

Jira: 6.4.6

Jira Agile: 6.7.14

BigPicture (Standard): 5.0.1-jira6

I found synchronization setting in program's configuration. it is set to "large team" and shows the warning beacause we have standard edition.

I am assigning boards to a team because i didn't found another way to see tickets and progress in the roadmap. Is there a way to directly show boards or tickets without teams?


Ok, versions look good - anyway I will check roadmap on it again.

Since version 5.0.0 we have 3 roadmap sync modes:

1) Manual: 

It does not sync any data to JIRA - just let You to set tasks in a roadmap a manage it manually


2) Small team sync mode let You to set one sprint for one cadence. It means that for one cadence all teams use the same sprint. If you look at roadmap as at grid you can think that for every column you set one Jira Software sprint. If You want task to appear in a certain cadence and certaint team, You need to move it to Jira Software sprint matched with that cadence, and add a team label team#x to that task, where x is a team code all small letters. You can easily achieve it with bulk edits. If task has assignee and user is member of only one team, task will be automatically assigned to that team at roadmap without need to add label manually.
3) Large team sync mode let You to set one sprint for cadence/team it means that every team use different iteration for every cadence. If you look at roadmap as at grid you can think that for every cell you set one Jira Software sprint. It does not need any additional labels it needs only Jira Software sprints

If you use large team sync mode it should work like that:
If You moved a task to Sprint A (doesn't matter if You moved it from backlog or other sprint) and Sprint A is matched with roadmap cell (cadence and team) task should be moved to that cell. It depends on some other settings in our plugin (lazy sync off/on), so if You don't see that task on roadmap You should click "Re-sync data" button under cog-icon, You can also use a keyboard shortcut 'rr' to achieve it. Re-sync force roadmap to fully sync with current boards.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 11.07.15.png

In case You will still not see tasks in expected cells we can try to do some things:

  1. Set up an online conference to fix/discuss it live
  2. Push re-sync data button and send us all server logs that will appear during this process
  3. Try to abandon program You are working on now (in case it was created just for evaluation) and start the process again:
    1. with wizard that will appear on fresh program when You will go to roadmap - You will need to wait 2-3 seconds before it will pop-up (it is fixed in coming release)
    2.  from the scratch with awareness how sync modes actually work

The problem is that we don't actually see what is happening on your instance, how roadmap is actually configured etc etc without it we can exchange a lot of messages and overlook some obvious mistakes.

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