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Unexpected failure occurred. Importer will stop immediately. Data may be in an unstable state from Pivotal Tracker

I receive the above error when attempting to import data from Pivotal tracker. The error log shows the following:

2016-05-16 15:46:56,085 INFO - Import started by hacknj using com.atlassian.jira.plugins.importer.imports.pivotal.PivotalDataBean
2016-05-16 15:46:57,252 INFO - ------------------------------
2016-05-16 15:46:57,252 INFO - Importing: Users
2016-05-16 15:46:57,252 INFO - ------------------------------
2016-05-16 15:46:57,252 INFO - Only new items will be imported
2016-05-16 15:46:59,044 INFO - 17 users associated with import. 0 new users were created and imported as active.
2016-05-16 15:46:59,044 INFO - ------------------------------
2016-05-16 15:46:59,044 INFO - Finished Importing : Users
2016-05-16 15:46:59,044 INFO - ------------------------------
2016-05-16 15:46:59,044 INFO - 0 users successfully created.
2016-05-16 15:46:59,044 INFO - Retrieving projects...
2016-05-16 15:47:01,898 ERROR - Unexpected failure occurred. Importer will stop immediately. Data may be in an unstable state
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.pyxis.greenhopper.jira.license.GreenHopperLicenseManager.getLicense()Lcom/atlassian/jira/license/LicenseDetails;
	at com.atlassian.jira.plugins.importer.imports.pivotal.PivotalRapidBoardManager.isGreenHooperFeaturesEnabled(
	at com.atlassian.jira.plugins.importer.imports.pivotal.PivotalDataBean$3.afterProjectCreated(
	at com.atlassian.jira.plugins.importer.imports.importer.impl.DefaultJiraDataImporter.importProject(
	at com.atlassian.jira.plugins.importer.imports.importer.impl.DefaultJiraDataImporter.doImport(
	at com.atlassian.jira.task.TaskManagerImpl$
	at com.atlassian.jira.task.TaskManagerImpl$
	at Source)
	at java.util.concurrent.Executors$ Source)
	at Source)
	at com.atlassian.jira.task.ForkedThreadExecutor$
	at Source)
2016-05-16 15:47:01,902 INFO - No issues need to be reindexed.


According to the documentation, this failure is due to our Jira Agile licensing being expired.

So my question is: you have to have a JIRA Agile license in addition to the regular JIRA license in order to import data from Pivotal Tracker?

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crf Atlassian Team May 17, 2016

This looks to me like the plugin is not fully compatible with JIRA 7.0+.  Several APIs changed in the 7.0 release, including those of major plugins like JIRA Agile.  Part of the repackaging of JIRA Agile as a component of JIRA Software means that its licensing works differently, and the API that this plugin is trying to call no longer exists as a result.  It is no longer meaningful to ask for a "GreenHopperLicense" itself.

See this comment in the API for what the plugin developer needs to be doing, instead:

from 7.0.0 onwards, JIRA Agile no longer maintains its own notion of a license. Please call ApplicationAuthorizationService.hasNoLicensingAccessErrors(ApplicationKey.valueOf("jira-software")) instead.

Edit: As I noted in a comment below, the fix is to upgrade the JIRA Importers Plugin.  This is a 7.0 compatibility issue that has already been fixed:

crf Atlassian Team May 17, 2016

In other words, this is a bug in the Pivotal Tracker importer.  They need to make this change for JIRA 7 compatibility.  Specifically the call here:

at ...PivotalRapidBoardManager.isGreenHooperFeaturesEnabled(
needs to be updated.

Do you mean in Pivotal, or in the Pivotal importer add-on?

crf Atlassian Team May 17, 2016

The importer, sorry.  Ninja edited it to clarify.

smile  It makes sense, I should have thought of "importer looking for the wrong licence type" as being a possible problem when @Jim Hackney was able to confirm Software was enabled and working fine!

crf Atlassian Team May 17, 2016

So, once I realized that this is actually our plugin I went digging through it and found out that this has already been fixed.  You need to upgrade the JIRA Importers Plugin to 7.0.12 or later.

Like Sudakov Roman likes this

Thank you Chris. I will let my sys admin guys know.

After speaking with our system administrators I have found that our Agile license is not expired and we have not surpassed the number of users on our license. Any ideas then what could be causing this?

I'll have to get with our systems folks to verify but I'm pretty sure we didn't purchase an agile license.

You might have tried it and not bought it, then not removed the add-on!

That very well could be! I'll check on it. Thanks!

Hi everyone!

I had the same problem on Jira 7.13.5 Data Centar. After update this plugin, the Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager Plugin the problem was fixed. I expect that answer helps you too.


Best regards,


Running into the same issue with Jira Service desk trying to import a CSV. 

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It's a bit of a poor failure, but what's happening here is that the importer is seeing that Agile is installed and hence trying to write some of the incoming data into Agile related fields (I have a feeling it's the ranking, but I'm not sure).

Then, as the add-on is expired, it's saying "nope", and failing unhelpfully, instead of just ignoring it.

You could try un-installing Agile completely, then the importer won't try to use it.

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