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Creating issue in JIRA REST API?

I installed cURL and I'm trying to create a JIRA issue from the command line but the curl code that Atlassian uses as an example isn't working for me. Atlassian says to use this url in the curl code: " http://localhost:8090/rest/api/2/issue/"

I tried replacing "localhost:8090" with my companies JIRA domain and it still didn't work. Do I have to use "localhost:8090" and try it from the command line on my JIRA server?? I'm just confused how this is working. Thanks!

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You have done the right thing, if your JIRA is running on then you'd replace localhost:8090 with

So, the question is what you mean by "isn't working".  What is the error message and what are you actually sending?


This is the curl I'm inputting:
curl -k -D- -u fred:fred -X POST --data {"fields": {"project": ITAM{ "key": "TEST" }, "summary": "REST ye merry gentlemen.", "description": "Creating of an issue using project keys and issue type names using the REST API", "issuetype": { "name": "App:Unknown"}}} -H "Content-Type: application/json"

I got this straight from Atlassian here: is how we access jira.

error messages:
Could not resolve host: key
Could not resolve host: RESTT ye merry gentlemen
Could not..... and so on

Thanks for the help

Ok, there's a couple of issues:

  1. the first couple of fields look wrong - the examples say "project key Test", but you've got "project ITAM { key test }"
  2. I think your error message is telling you that you are using "" on the command line and then inside the data you are sending as well - that can't work because a " is ending the data and the next part of the data is being taken as the next command for curl.  Try surrounding the data segment with ' marks to separate them out.



Oh that was a silly mistake with the project.. I switched "Test" to ITAM and took away the other ITAM. I also tried the ' marks but I'm getting the same error. When I try to access in my browser I get an HTTP status 405 error "Method Not Allowed" and I should be getting some JSON. I feel like that might be the reason I'm getting the command line error. Thoughts?

Also, what's the "fred:fred" in the curl?

fred:fred is the username and password you want to perform the action as.

I've always found quotes annoying, and most of my REST stuff dodges it.  Put the JSON in a plaintext file (lets call it MyRestJson.txt), then instead of having to think about quotes etc, you can just go "curl ... --data @MyRestJson.txt ..." and it'll read the raw content from the file.

okay I took your advice and put everything in a file. That got rid of the of the could not resolve host and the other errors.. but I'm still getting an http 302 error. This is a redirect error.. would you happen to know anything about this?? Thanks for your help so far

okay I finally got it to work! thanks for your help!!


Oh, redirect errors - so close smile

Hi Shane, I am getting the same error as yours (302). How did you get it to work?

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