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Jira Command Palette Beta Group

Created Mar 23, 2023, Last active Dec 22, 2023

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  • Recruiting for Command Palette Research!

    Hello Command Palette Beta Group! Have you been using the Jira command palette? We are excited to talk to you and test some new command palette features with you! We value your feedback and, as a t...

    Emily Ditchfield published an article 7 2 December 3, 2023
  • Jira settings navigation and a GA Update

    Happy Friday Command Palette Beta Group! Over the last week, we rolled out our final Jira Labs feature for the command palette - Jira settings navigation. These navigational commands will...

    Emily Ditchfield started a discussion 2 2 August 31, 2023
  • We've added some new commands!

    Hey Command Palette Beta Group! You may have noticed over the last few weeks that we've been trickling in some new commands to the command palette. We've focused on two main areas here: navigation...

    Emily Ditchfield started a discussion 6 1 July 23, 2023
  • How do people feel about completing actions inside the command palette?

    Hello! I'm really curious about how people feel about doing things in the command palette versus being take somewhere by the command palette to perform actions.  A specific example c...

    Luke Ellery asked a question 3 1 June 19, 2023
  • What about the (old) Ctrl+K usage to add links to a text?

    Hi folks! This update seems to be a potencial warmly welcome refresh to our dot menu. I'm excited to use it but, as I'd guess the target user is the heavy shortcut user, one might wonder before enabl...

    Tiago Cardoso started a discussion 3 3 June 17, 2023
  • Discussion: Searching for issues in the command palette

    Hello everyone, Thanks for joining the community and trying the command palette! We'd like to know more about what you'd like to search in the palette. I love effortlessly searching for issues as...

    Anya Nagarajan started a discussion 2 8 June 12, 2023
  • Discussion: What Command Palettes do you use?

    Hi Everyone!    Thanks for joining our Command Palette Beta Group! We want to learn more about you and your use of command palettes. We'll be posting a discussion topic every week! This...

    Emily Ditchfield started a discussion 1 8 June 5, 2023
  • FYI to our Firefox Users

    Hey Command Palette Beta Group! Just a bit of an FYI for our Firefox users. The default setting for cmd + k / ctrl + k is to focus the search bar. We've overridden this, however a bug has popped up...

    Emily Ditchfield started a discussion 3 5 May 2, 2023
  • Missing "Go To" options?

    I'm very excited about this and hope it helps bouncing to some of the buried screens! So far though, my "Go To" list doesn't include all the same options as shown in the example images. Is there a tr...

    David Pezet asked a question 2 4 April 21, 2023
  • About the Jira Command Palette beta program

    Our Jira command palette is like a central control centre for quick access to various commands and actions throughout Jira and it’s 100% keyboard friendly. This initial testing release contains a ran...

    Emily Ditchfield published an article 10 3 April 20, 2023
  • Beta Program - FAQ

    How do I get access? Go to your Personal settings page by clicking on your account icon in the top corner of the screen Scroll to the Jira labs Toggle ON the Command Palette. ...

    Emily Ditchfield published an article 6 0 April 20, 2023
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An open group for users who are trying out our Command Palette functionality and want to give feedback on the capability, are open to partaking in research, and want to get sneak peaks into how the next iteration will look.

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