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Have you found a cleaner way to filter child issues?

Hello Admins,

I'm looking for advice on guidance on the cleanest way to pull child issues of top level hierarchical issues. The only effective filter query I've found so far that works is: "issue in portfolioChildIssuesOf(ISSUE-X) OR issue in portfolioChildIssuesOf(ISSUE-Y)" & so on repeated another 20 times.




David Hannon April 1, 2021

The following works for me. 

issuekey in portfolioChildIssuesOf(issuekey/ID goes here)

The filter returns all the child issues below the issue named in the filter.

I beleive this only works if you are using the 'parent link' field that was bundled with advance roadmaps.

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Atlassian Team
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April 1, 2021

Just to follow up on @David Hannon's answer ... the portfolioChildIssuesOf function should do this but it part of Advanced Roadmaps (formerly known as Portfolio) so I believe you will need a Jira Premium license to use this.



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James Drake April 3, 2021

Thank you for your replies, this is the method I've been using. I just wondered if there was a cleaner way of pulling the data. Best, James

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Alexander Allen April 7, 2021

I created a somewhat more elaborate way of achieving this using Automation. Let's call the parent issuetype (above the Epic) an "Objective".

I then created a field named Objective and placed it on each screen for Epics, Stories, Bugs, and Tasks. Once the Epics was linked to an Objective (i.e., its Parent Link field linked to an Objective), I copied the Objective issue key to the Objective field.

Then using a bunch of cascading automations, I had the value of Objective copied down to all linked descendants.

This allows me to do a simple jql search for ALL children of any particular objective:

Objective ~[issue key]

This is especially useful when you have parent issues more than one step above the Epic (which we do).

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