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Introducing the Jira Roadmap Macro for Confluence

Better visibility across all your teams

Do you ever have the need to capture the big picture of what your team or multiple teams are working on and share progress with other people in your business? We’ve heard from many customers that this can be a challenge and so we’ve looked across both Confluence and Jira to come up with a solution. We’re excited to introduce the Jira roadmap macro for Confluence!


Embed live Jira Software next-gen roadmaps into Confluence

The Jira roadmap macro enables you to take your Jira Software roadmap (available in Jira Software’s next-gen template) and embed a live version right into Confluence. ‘Live' in this case means that as you update your roadmap in Jira Software, those updates will come through in real-time to Confluence.

This can be really useful for surfacing your teams' roadmap in a place that is easy to find, especially for your colleagues that may not frequently access your team’s Jira instance. It’s also great if you want to share your roadmap in a place where you can give additional context and tell more of a story about what’s happening with your team’s roadmap.

Centralize information from multiple teams in a single place

The Jira roadmap macro also presents a great opportunity to improve the way you collaborate across teams because you can share the roadmaps from multiple Jira projects on a single Confluence page. If you have a team of teams meeting or a meeting with your leadership team, that means you can surface every roadmap that you would want to in a single place. So for example, if you have multiple teams working on mobile initiatives, you may want to have a single Confluence page that highlights the roadmaps from each of those teams so everyone can stay better in sync.

One of the things we aim to help teams create with Jira Software is a single source of truth for all the work teams are doing. Product development moves fast. By giving teams one place to potentially highlight multiple streams of work, we hope to make it easier for everyone in your organization to stay on the same page.

Learn more about how to start using the Jira roadmaps macro for Confluence. 


Hallo Atlassian Team,

this are great news for cloud next-gen users!

I have commented on another toppic: we strongly need the next gen roadmap in the server version of Jira.  With this change, the gap between clound and server gets even bigger.

As a customer of a lage server instance, we beg you with emphesis to deliver this funktion to Jira server and Confluence server to make your server customers happy too. :-)

Kind Regards


Jack Community Leader Jul 25, 2019

this is very nice and will go a long way to promoting NG projects I expect.

LarryBrock Community Leader Jul 26, 2019

I feel compelled to echo @Elke Heinrichs comments.

1. This is a great feature!  :-)

2. It widens the gap between the Server/DC and Cloud offerings  :-(

3. It does nothing for my much-too-large-for-cloud datacenter user base who desperately needs this feature  :-(

I know "the future is cloud" but punishing your large enterprise customers by only developing features for a platform they can't, use does not feel to me like a good business practice.

Yeah, time to populate ;) that awesome macro.

Another nice feature for cloud users - another sad day for server users. All joking aside, it would be really appreciated, if next gens comes to server instances also. 

My best!

We will not be on the cloud solution so this is very detrimental to our efforts in getting wide spread use and acceptance of JIRA and Confluence if this is not available in the server solutions also.  

Please make this available in the server solutions also!

Great feature.

Can we have it for Server though :) ?

I like this idea (as a cloud customer), but the next gen projects are not good and we don't use them.

It would be great if we could also get Roadmap for classic projects. The feature only relies on Epics data which exists in Classic and Next-Gen.  Can we get this turned on for classic projects?

Jess Atlassian Team Jul 29, 2019

Hi @LarryBrock and @Elke Heinrichs@Merve_Nur_Bas @Arne Boye-Moller , @Gezim_Shehu , Jessica here, I'm a Product Marketing Manager for Jira Software Server & Data Center. We really appreciate your feedback and are glad to hear you're loving the new Jira Cloud experience. 

To address your concerns, we are working hard on two fronts:

1. Any time we release something in Cloud, our Server team is learning from that and balancing new Cloud features against other customer priorities like performance and administrative control. 

2. We are also working hard to enable customers with very large instances to adopt our cloud-based solutions. Rest assured, this effort doesn't detract from our continual investment to evolve functionality and enhance the value of our Server & Data Center solutions for customers that prefer to self-manage or can't leverage cloud solutions due to company policies.

I also would like this functionality for classic projects in Jira Cloud.

Hi @Jess ,

Thank you for your prompt feedback. We appreciate that the Server Team is learning from the Cloud releases.

We are at a junction in our work here where we have reached critical mass in using both JIRA and Confluence - and all my fellow project directors clamor for a better overview. I think the new Roadmap feature is exactly that. But without any timeframe for when we can expect the Roadmap feature in the Server solution we are under pressure to use other platforms or toolsand now it gets messy.

What we would really like is a formal commitment from Atlassian to make the Roadmap feature available on the Server platform in the foreseeable future also. 

Best regards,


Nice feature, although was hoping it would be combined roadmap, rather than a confluence page displaying multiple roadmaps...

Love the next-gen projects but they seem to be lacking in power in terms of Workflows and automation. Is there a roadmap for next-gen and where it's going in terms of previous-gen project?

The previous-gen projects work better for our automation needs right now but would love to go next-gen, especially for the roadmap feature,

agree with @Eric Mason and @Kenny_Dickie - currently, Next-Gen projects are poor replacement (or non-raplacment at all) in terms of functionality to the classic one.

Will be happy to see the Next-Gen project beyond being 'just a Trello-like boards'...:-) 

Atlassian, please remember your larger enterprise users who cannot move to the cloud for a number of reasons, many of my users see the new features (Roadmap being a perfect example) and want them, when they find out its only Cloud not something we will be able to take advantage off, they begin looking to other solutions that offer similar functionality. 

I totally appreciate that somethings may be easier to do on the different platforms, but I think you need to give the server version a little more love and soon.  

Love this feature! This is exactly what I have been looking for to demonstrate deliverables to Steering.

and now I see it isn't available in my Jira baord :-( Please do it share across all platforms as discussed above. It is a great tool .

Ben_Jackson Atlassian Team Jul 30, 2019

Hi everyone and thanks for your feedback and comments. Yes this is supporting the Roadmap feature in Jira Cloud's next-gen project type and we don't yet have a Roadmapping solution in Classic project types.

If you are looking for a roadmapping solution in Server and you have a number of teams it might be worth taking a look at Portfolio Server 3.0 it is a roadmapping tool that lets you build a view across all of your teams.

As @Jess mentioned the Server team are continually working to balance all the needs on them and I will share your very keen requests with them.

Best Regards,


Thanks I have already looked at that, but we need a simple roadmap tool, and unfortunately the cost of Portfolio is prohibitively expensive (it has so many features we don't need), especially when all we need is the functionality of roadmaps offered in the cloud version and "its free with that", I know I would be asked why am I paying for something Atlassian already offer in a different version of Jira.

Looks like there may be a cost effective third party add-on that has similar functionality to this feature in the cloud, great to see a third party building something so quickly (and I suspect we may go in that direction), but if they can do it why cant Atlassian, and why should I as an enterprise customer have to turn to add-ons to give me functionality offered elsewhere in the product set.

Has anyone else found that "live" is not really "live"?  

If the page is already open with the macro published - changes on the Jira board do not come through in real time.  Nor does the roadmap update when manually updated using the updated button.

I did get it to refresh once by editing the macro and republishing the page (with no actual changes).

But so far that is the only way I've gotten the roadmap to update.

I second @Eric Mason and @Ori_Assaraf.

As the Jira admin for my team, I set up a couple next Gen projects a while back, probably 6 months after their release. It's not that I was expecting a duplication of the old projects, but there wasn't enough functionality there to transition the old to new.

It makes sense that not all the functionality would be the same for both projects, but in many cases next Gen projects are still missing some key project management functionality. In time that will likely change, but as of this date, they aren't a good substitute.

The Gannt charts were really the one new feature in next Gen projects that drove me to try them.

Congrats to cloud users who can use this new feature!

Much empathy to server users (like me) who can only sigh and dream...

Are there any plans for support of migrating a project to next-gen that can preserve the issue links ? We have tons of important links between issues in different projects (Service desk and Development) and this is currently holding us back for migrating to next-gen, since I understand that all links will be lost then.

Please do include in server version!


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