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Centralized Scrum Teams info at Enterprise level

Imran Ali October 25, 2021

Problem Statement: It is often seen that most of the time goes waste in reaching out the right contact for any external dependencies the Dev/Scrum teams have. The following info is crucial for engaging with the right team - 

  • Any DL (distribution list) for the team an associate is looking for?
  • Who is the business contact? Does the team is into ART? then who is the RTE?
  • Who is the Scrum Master to approach?
  • What is the scope of work for any Scrum team and whats the work-intake process?

Please note that Organizations does have the necessary tools for their Production-support Oncall wherein the necessary contacts for every application is made available for quick accessibility. But currently for the Development Scrum teams, there doesn't seem to be having a reference page at the Enterprise level wherein any team can go for reaching out to the right contacts/teams. 


Solution – Here I am trying to find a one-stop lookup for identifying the above details for any Scrum Team based on either a Program-Name or Application etc. JiraAlign already shows part of these details in the teams section for any program/portfolio. It would be great if the above details (and any other relevant info) also gets shown.



  • The associates/teams in need of any external dependency/clarifications can just go to the site/page in JiraAlign and do the look-up for any application and locate the concerned teams/SPOCs.
  • It would be an added value if the concerned Business Contacts also gets showed. This would even help the business community.
  • This would be a value stream as it would minimize the waste of reach the right contact.

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Christoph Piotrowski _catworkx_
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
April 7, 2022

Hi @Imran Ali , I was thinking about your question as I also tried to provide team information in Jira Align.

One possibility is to create a custom report page, which includes an iframe form another website. You can then find the information in Jira Align in the report section. However, this solution is not easy to setup in most environments due to security reasons.

Another, for me better way would be to provide links to external Team-Pages as Jira Align checklist items. Basically the idea is

1. create a checklist named "External Team Information" (or what you would like to name it) that provides several linkes to team-pages, one checklist item per team



2. create a confluence page (or any other webpage) where you provide all necessary details on how to approach that team


3. apply that team-info-page link as a "video/external URL" to the checklist item.


The result is a team-contact checklist at the bottom of the screen - on click on the team image opens the team contact page.






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