How to change Project lead on all projects( active, inqueue or closed) if the user is not there.

Hello Everyone,

We have limited license for now in Jira. And everytime a jira user leaves the company, we deactivate their account for auditing purpose. However if that user was a project lead or component lead on multiple projects then it requires us to change the project lead to some other active user (even if the project is closed).

Now so far we were doing it on every project that the pop up window prompted us for. But its a very inefficient way I believe. If the person was project lead on 100 Projects, we cannot search for 100 projects to change the lead manually. Is any one aware of any other more efficient way of achieving this. Like how can we search for Projects that this person was a lead on. How to get that list and then how to make a bulk change to that particular list to reflect a new user as a Project lead.

And also there were times when I couldnot even search the Project with the given Project key??? Any clue about that too? 


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