Wacky Wednesday - What's your crazyiest July 4th event? Edited

LarryBrock Community Leader Jul 03, 2019

Hello and happy Wednesday!  Obviously it's a special one because it's just before a holiday! :-)


Today's question is ... What's the craziest July 4th event of which you've been part?

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Mine are:

1) Painting myself red/white/blue, donning a red, white, and blue afro wig, and marching in the July 4th parade in my home town.  (Thankfully there are no pictures. :-P )

2) Held a roman candle battle with some friends in a vacant lot.  No nobody got hurt other than a couple of scrapes and bruises.  We did, however, start a brush fire that we couldn't put out and someone had to call the fire department.  Oops...

Got any stories you'd like to share?


For me, it's been my neighborhood! Growing up in Cali, fireworks weren't legal. Moving into my neighborhood 7 years ago...well, they DEFINITELY are. 

My first year, I think I bought ~ $300 worth of fireworks. And it was AWESOME! I still enjoy them, but my pups don't. I spent most of yesterday evening making sure they didn't think the world was ending! 

Getting creative with fireworks. Thankfully still have all my digits. :-)

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