Topic Tuesday, now on Thursday! :-P

LarryBrock Community Leader Feb 21, 2019

Happy Thursday everyone! This is usually a Tuesday thing but I've been crazy busy.  I finally had a moment to breath and so here we are.

Atlassian has several tools and features to help users work up to their full potential on every task. My favorite tool to work with is Confluence. I run my Venturing Crew's website on Confluence and every time I open it to make updates I find some new features to explore. 

What is your favorite Atlassian tool or feature?


Mine has to be Jira (cloud version). Use it everyday for tracking the teams progress on various tasks and making changes for workflow/features/screens/etc for other teams. The ability to customize almost anything has to be my favorite feature of the product. 

Favorite add-on, Automation for Jira. :-)

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Ditto on JIRA (on-prem, wish we had moved to cloud already!).. once you have it connected to source, the development team is unstoppable! : )

My favorite add-on is Scriptrunner.. I'm jealous of Automation for JIRA! It looks awesome!

LarryBrock Community Leader Feb 25, 2019

I'll throw another favorite out there ... I use a Jira project to track training requirements for each member of the volunteer fire department for which I provide IT support.  The Automation for Jira Lite free add-on (or app) has been a tremendous help in keeping things flowing without constant care and feeding on my part.

Want more?  Check out the Jira Reporting Gadgets for Confluence.  Being able to gather a whole set of Jira data a single Confluence page is fantastic!


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