New Year's resolutions 2019- not another lapsed gym membership!

carolyn french Community Leader Dec 26, 2018

Now is the time of year where I typically sit back and think about my personal and professional goals for next year. Long ago I realized that it was pointless to plan to do something I really loathe like be inside a gym every day during the week. Instead I try to brainstorm things I enjoy and areas of my life that are important, and take the cross-section. Sometimes, I forgo the "things I enjoy" criteria, because life is life, but goals are much easier to achieve when they are also enjoyable too. I always knew the importance of Community for getting answers to my questions about Atlassian products, but once I started attending AUG events, I realized that there was an obvious intersection between enjoyable and things that are important. And the community online has become a fun place to hang out and get to know others (and their cute pets). This year, I'm hoping to be even more involved!

In the past I just opened up a Word document and used headings for each area of my life- Family, Health, Professional, etc.- especially in the morning with a cup of coffee, where anything feels achievable. Now, I can't help but be mystified as to why I didn't put all of this into Trello a long time ago. Each area of my life naturally fits into the list headings. Well, better late than never. I will try it out this year, and see how it goes.

Anyone else have a fun way to keep track of their goals for the year?



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