Decision tools for Confluence

Use cases:

  • Consensus Finder - If you don’t reach consensus immediately, you’ll often find that a better solution is self-evident, once people have had a chance to clearly state their objections.
  • Team Sparring - in a structured way to get feedback from teammates and stakeholders.
  • Engagement Check - Sometimes you need everyone in your team to complete an action, such as reading a confluence page before an important meeting. You can start an Engagement Check proposal as a way to remind people to complete the required action within a defined time period.
  • Find volunteers - Raise a proposal which asks for people to say “yes” if they are keen to be part of making it happen. This will give you a list of people to follow up with to form a team
  • Team health monitor - Being on a dysfunctional team sucks. Especially if we don't know why we're in pain. Use a Team Health Check when you want to survey opinions on team statuses.

Link: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/1218235



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