HipChat Server Web Chat won't load


After upgrading to the latest HipChat server going to hipchat domain /chat will now load, shows an error occurred. How can I resolve this?

Atlassian HipChat 1.2 build 1.2.8 (2015.06.18.101701)

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I reapplied the update using hipchat upgrade -u -f and that worked.  I initially updated via the web, won't be doing that again. Command line updates only going forward.

Please contact support by emailing server-support@hipchat.com if you haven't already. We're certainly interested in what went wrong and can deduce what was fixed by the upgrade retry.

Thanks so much

Faced with a similar problem.

When upgrading from 1.2.6 to 1.2.8 of the WEB interface, the system reported that the update was successful, but to connect to the server to communicate worked.
after completing
hipchat upgrade -u -f
everything worked.

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