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Got questions about the Hipchat and Stride announcement? Ask them here!

Joff Atlassian Team Jul 26, 2018

We're here to answer any questions you have about the recent announcement of a partnership between Atlassian and Slack. If your questions aren't covered in this FAQ, post (or upvote) below and the Atlassian team will respond to as many as we can!

17 answers

What the hell are on-premise customers supposed to do?! We just implemented and invested in this app! We're building apps in-house for our own purposes. We have zero ability to use Cloud services of ANY type. You are offering ZERO alternatives. 

I cannot believe you'd lead us on and tell us that you were going to continue investing in HipChat. I can't believe I bought your crap hook, line, and sinker. You've brought us in the fold and now you're shuttering it.

Stop screwing the customers! 

Seriously, that's my question: What the hell are on-premise customers supposed to do? No alternative, no migration path, refund isn't an option for us -- You've literally taken our money with the promise of new development and are running away.

@Steven Behnke UR so right...

Any on premise options for in company secure communication?!? Microsoft, anyone?!?

Over a year ago when we decided to go with HipChat we were comparing Rocket Chat and Mattermost. So we'll likely go back to one of them -- I expect nothing from Atlassian to assist in this migration that they've put us through.

Is Slack offering a GDPR compliant solution? Hosting on a European based cloud?

Did anyone try

I have no idea: This site is blocked at my job but perhaps answers your questions:

For the folks who reasonably relied on Atlassian's promises regarding HipChat to your detriment: are you planning to seek redress on your own or waiting for a collective action to kickstart things?

Check out Wickr Pro for zero knowledge end-to-end encrypted team communications/collaboration, there is on-prem deployment option plus gdpr compliance if needed

goldsmith Atlassian Team Jul 27, 2018

Hi all - we do not have a recommendation on an alternative on-premise messaging product, but there are several available (some listed above).  Export functionality is available, the details for on-premise versions are here:

The EOL timeline for our on premise products is stated below, but if that is insufficient time to do so, the application will still work (with some limitations as the license is expired, as outlined below). 

That answer doesn't help me whatsoever.

Joff Atlassian Team Jul 27, 2018

Sorry for the delay, I've been traveling and am just now reading these. We had to make a tough call here and we recognize that this has put our HipChat Server and Data Center customers in a rough spot. I'm personally sorry to have caused you all such frustration and angst with regards to supporting your company's chat needs. That was most certainly not our intention and we understand this news is unexpected. I wish we could provide you with the perfect solution right now, but we can't. However, there are a few on-premise alternatives that have been suggested by other users here. As mentioned, we'll continue to support HipChat Server & Data Center for 1-2+ years (depending on the version) and are doing so in hopes that you'll be supported long enough to find the right migration plan for your company when the time comes.  

Joff, this is bait and switch. Why tell us that you were still developing the product? Why continue selling it? Why let an organization buy into this product? We just got rolling with it!

I've been telling my organization YOUR lies. I've been telling them that Atlassian stands behind HipChat and that we can expect improvements over time. You've made me an liar!

From my perspective you've lied, you've stolen. You're just gonna take your Slack equity and laugh all the way to the bank. You don't give a flying shit what work I've had to do, you don't care about how far back you've pushed me, you don't care what this does to my organization.

This has wasted and stolen time, money, and effort from good people and good efforts.

I have been warned by Atlassian staff by private email that these questions are bullying and provocative, and threatened with a ban.  They did not cite specific examples.

No answers yet by OP to any of the questions.

Ah didn't see the penultimate comment. Thanks for listening and replying @Joff. It's a pleasant surprise (honestly, not meant as snark in any way) as this is by no means the first experience of this sort with Atlassian in recent years. It is unfortunately the first reply I've ever gotten from management despite repeated requests for escalation.

The timeframes above are more promising. Can you please confirm that existing HipChat Cloud customers are eligible to purchase a HipChat server license good until that 20 June 2020 deadline? Please also consider issuing a perpetual license at EOL. What good does it do to let paying customers run it but not add users?

I do have to echo Steven's point that there are infrastructure plans and budgets made in advance, and those are based on expected support availability. Over the past years there have been repeated assurances that HipChat was a fully supported product and since the Stride debacle began you've doubled down on those assurances concerning HipChat server. When customers expressed doubt your agents responded by specifically putting their, and Atlassian's, reputation behind it; customers then made plans based on those assurances.  Well, your reputation is now on the line.

It's also good to know that even installable Atlassian products purchased for install on one's own hardware have time bombs built in.

Only subscription licenses are timebombed like this. Server packages do not have subscription models.

HipChat is the only Data Center product we used, mainly because they got rid of the Server license. 

Joff Atlassian Team Jul 31, 2018

Thanks @Tim Howe. Want to make sure others also saw these additional answers from Steve and Andrew to your questions ...

Q: "The timeframes above are more promising. Can you please confirm that existing HipChat Cloud customers are eligible to purchase a HipChat server license good until that 20 June 2020 deadline?"

No new Hipchat Cloud or Stride groups can be created.  The products are no longer for sale as of announcement Thursday, as noted above, even to a customer who has purchased a different Atlassian product. 

For existing customers, new users can continue to be added to existing instances until EOL date.

Q: "Please also consider issuing a perpetual license at EOL. What good does it do to let paying customers run it but not add users"

A: We do not currently support perpetual license. However the product will continue to function after license expiration, details are outlined here:

Not being able to add new users or rooms is hardly 'continuing to function' Joff. That is the point behind the question on perpetual licenses.

We implemented Wickr Enterprise (on Prem) pretty easily and are very happy with it.

^1 for the security focused alternative. We started using that as well.

16 votes
Brittany Joiner Community Leader Jul 31, 2018

I think it's never easy when companies have to make decisions like this, and there are always pros and cons to whatever decision you come to.

As a big fan of Slack and Atlassian products, I'm super excited about this and thrilled that two of my favorite companies are teaming up and going to offer some incredible integrations in things that I use every single day. Can't wait to see what comes of this!

12 votes
BillyP Community Leader Jul 27, 2018

I'm excited for this new turn!  Sorry to hear some companies are hindered by this, that stinks!  My next question, are there plans for a online Slack community for Atlassian groups, akin to the old hipchat server from a while back?

This would make hosting and enabling so many more events that much easier!  :)


Stephanie Grice Community Manager Jul 27, 2018

Hey Billy! Long time, no see :) Making sure I understand your question... are you asking if there will be a future Slack integration for your AUG's online group?

BillyP Community Leader Jul 27, 2018

Hi Stephanie!

The AUGs used to have access to HipChat for the purpose of interacting with other AUG Members.  We didn't get this option for Stride, but I'm hopeful we'll get it for Slack.  

It was great being able to communicate in real time and all that with everybody.  I'm hoping we can do it again!  It's the interaction with everyone that makes this whole thing great.

Also, can we get some more stickers...?  ;) 

I was recommended Wickr. There is a cloud based service Pro and and an on on prem called Wickr Enterprise, which as most enterprise offerings have a  slightly more involved implementation.

We can't use slack due to security concerns and Wickr is working out perfectly.

For @Steven Behnke's question on on-prem alternatives to HipChat, I'm wondering if Atlassian might consider working with Mattermost as a potential solution: 

1. There's a wide array of Mattermost customers that rely heavily on Atlassian tools, including Wargaming, which has over 2.6M issues in its Jira instance: See Video | Read Case Study

2. Mattermost integrates with an array of Atlassian tools today and we're constantly improving.

3. If neither Atlassian nor Slack is offering an on-prem messaging solution, Mattermost wouldn't be competitive. 

Note: The question of on-prem alternatives to HipChat was also trending on Hacker News

Also, any questions on Mattermost as an on-prem HipChat replacement, please let us know? 

We looked at Mattermost!

We ended up going with Wickr, but both are legit alternatives.

6 votes
Dave Liao Community Leader Jul 28, 2018

How will the Stride/HipChat team(s) be impacted?

I don't really expect a public answer, but that was my first thought when I heard the Atlassian/Slack news.

goldsmith Atlassian Team Jul 30, 2018

Hi @Dave Liao - good to talk to you again!

You are correct that I can't really share any specific details on the team, but can say that I appreciate you thinking of us. It's a big change of direction for a lot of people and we are working with each individual on the Hipchat & Stride teams to find the best path forward, while supporting the products through the EOL timeframes communicated here. 


Dave Liao Community Leader Jul 30, 2018

Thank you for the public response Steve, appreciate it. :)

See you whenever we're in the same city again!

I fear this move will force a lot of customers into MS Teams. We’re a HipChat Cloud user (paying $2/user/month). Our business also has MS Teams (at no additional cost). MS Teams falls short in integrations.

However to migrate to Slack will cost us $8/user/month after the initial discount period. I cannot justify a 4x increase where the business already has a platform.

Tom Crespi Community Leader Jul 30, 2018

Ben, I'm on the same page with you.  We will be facing the same challenge as we also have MS Teams (which comes as you suggest at no additional cost for companies who have invested in Office 365).  We have thousands of users which makes a Slack migration a price increase that is very difficult or impossible to sell. 

Perhaps Slack will see this challenge and consider a more Atlassian-like pricing scheme in the future, given the emerging MS Teams threat.  I say that because MS appears to be investing a lot of resources into improving it (though I claim no expertise in the chat tools space).  Pricing re-do's have certainly happened before. 

It's possible that we could have some fringe use of Slack in IT while using MS Teams for the rest of the company, but the trend is to reduce the use of similar tools for the purpose of managing them, and for minimizing data and conversation silos (many of us in IT also work in the business, and having to jump between tools is not optimal).

We're considering a similar setup. MS Teams for bulk of business, and Slack for those teams that need the additional integrations/usability. Sadly the MS Teams integrations that we need with Atlassian are simply not as elegant as in HipChat and Slack. However, I guess Atlassian won't be putting any effort into improving these given the Slack partnership.

A frustrating state to be pushed into really - as we had a platform we were happy with.

Tom Crespi Community Leader Jul 30, 2018

I agree it's not ideal. With so many Atlassian customers potentially in the same position as you and I are, we can certainly raise the issue (as we did here, and as we can elsewhere) to request better MS Teams integrations.  It really is an elephant in the room now.

@Joff please note (thank you!).

Angela Boston Community Leader Jul 31, 2018

Will you point me in the direction of the information about the Slack discount and the ongoing $8/p user? 

Hi. You'll need to discuss discounts with Slack. However, the current slack costs to mimic what we had in HipChat are described here:

Note that they display pricing in your local currency.

We considered MS teams and Mattermost, but ended up getting $5/user on Wickr.

4 votes
Tom Crespi Community Leader Jul 30, 2018

Of possible interest is mentions of this Hipchat and Stride announcement that appeared in last week's "Atlassian's Q4 2018 Results Earnings Conference Call", which occurred Thursday July 26, 2018.  Atlassian's top management participated in this call. 
Here's a link to the earnings call transcript.  (opens in new page)

I suggest using a shortcut (like Ctrl-F in Windows) to find references to key terms.  For example Slack is mentioned 27 times.

BillyP Community Leader Jul 30, 2018

Thanks for the link @Tom Crespi, some good points in there! :)

Tom Crespi Community Leader Jul 30, 2018

Thumbs up @Billy Poggi AUG NOVA_ DC !   

Hopefully others will find it way down here. ;)

@Joffwhen did this become a serious possibility, and when did you make the decision?

A number of your Web pages have been created/redirected/etc. Clearly more than a few minutes' work. Yet your staff have been instructing and assuring users right up until now to spend time and energy on the HipChat -> Stride pathway. Did Atlassian representatives giving that advice on this forum and elsewhere know at the time that this action was being prepared?

Did you encourage Atlassian staff to continue pushing Stride after you made the decision? Did you encourage Atlassian staff to continue responding to customer how-to questions as if there was any point to it?

What can you tell customers who are wondering why they should look to Atlassian for any kind of stable platform? In what way are assurances about, e.g., JIRA different than those you provided about HipChat, then violated, then provided about Stride, then violated?

Also: remember, folks, this is what happens when you buy into any walled garden.

when did this become a serious possibility, and when did you make the decision?

From the looks of things, they've also blindsided their own teams. 10 days ago, this comment was added to BAM-18729, which is about Stride notifications for Bamboo:

After careful consideration, we've decided to prioritise Stride notifications on Bamboo roadmap. We hope to start development after our current projects are completed.

On the plus side, maybe now the Bamboo team can spend time fixing some of the highest voted issues.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, I look forward to the silence and non-answers from Atlassian on this. Should be good! 👍 

goldsmith Atlassian Team Jul 27, 2018

Hi @Tim Howe @Black Hat - I look after our Stride and Hipchat cloud products for Atlassian. Happy to share what I can re: the decision making process and timeline with the community here. 

Before I do - I'd like to highlight that none of the systems are going away anytime soon.  Hipchat Cloud and Stride have nearly 7 months of runway for our customers to plan and execute any migration to Slack, or export data and move to another product (through Feb 2019). Hipchat Server and Data Center EOL timelines are even longer, and vary by specific installed version, but in some cases run through 2020.  I realize the announcement this week was surprising for many, but we remain committed to operating all these products for the duration to ensure stable transition for you and all our other customers.  

re: timeline: the vast majority of our company was unaware of this decision until very recently.  We had a team within Atlassian working to prepare for announcement yesterday, not the whole company. So while I can understand the frustration at getting answers from different parts of Atlassian that now are incorrect or need revision, I can say that each of our team members around the world was working in good faith, sharing and operating with the info they had available at the time.  



We had a team within Atlassian working to prepare for announcement yesterday, not the whole company.

For how long?

I'd like to highlight that none of the systems are going away anytime soon.

@goldsmiththen please address this statement by @Nágila Marques:

Since yesterday's announcement, it isn't possible to create new groups in HipChat Server, HipChat cloud or Stride.

goldsmith Atlassian Team Jul 27, 2018

@Tim Howe that is correct.  For existing customers (at time of announcement) the systems will continue to function as per the EOL dates outlined above. Those customers can add users (as the needs of their businesses dictate).

However as of announcement date we have stopped offering these products for sale to new customers, as @Nágila Marques mentions. 


Oh good, so if I am an existing HipChat Cloud customer I'm able to buy a HipChat server license good until 20 June 2020, correct?


goldsmith Atlassian Team Jul 28, 2018

Hi @Tim Howe - no new Hipchat or Stride groups can be created.  The products are no longer for sale as of annoucement Thursday, as noted above, even to customer who have purchased a different Atlassian product. 

For existing customers, new users can continue to be added to existing instances until EOL date.



What will happen with the history of Cloud HipChat after move to Slack? Will it be accessible somehow (e.g. migrated to Slack, too, read-only by the web)?

BillyP Community Leader Jul 30, 2018

I think they're developing plans within the Atlassian and Slack team for the migration.  I don't think they'll leave us hanging :)

goldsmith Atlassian Team Jul 30, 2018

Hi @Ondra Medek @BillyP - customer-initiated migration is available now for all Hipchat products and coming soon for Stride.  

You can see some more information about specific steps to take at:



I need to know reasonably quickly:

With a HipChat Data Center license, what happens when the license expires? Will that become an 'invalid' license, and prevent new users from being added/messages from being sent/rooms from being created?

I want to know how hard of a migration date you've just put me up against.

What I've seen many other companies that sell software for installation do for their customers when they go out of business is give out a final unlimited-size perpetual license key file.

I'm curious if that's what Atlassian is planning to do here. It's an obvious question so I'm sure they've already given it some thought. One wonders why they don't emphasize in the announcement/FAQ how they'll take care of loyal customers.

Based on this article it seems Atlassian went to some trouble to clarify CNET's understanding and ensure everyone knows Atlassian has full control over the HipChat/Stride lifecycle without Slack interference.

The only reasonable thing they can be expected to do, therefore, is at EOL to provide a perpetual unlimited HipChat Data Center license key to all customers with HipChat installs, whether they have already installed the HipChat server or are HipChat "Cloud" users who now purchase it based on this announcement.

Andy Heinzer Atlassian Team Jul 27, 2018

Hi Steve,

Based on Functionality lost as Hipchat Server license expires

When a license expires in Hipchat Server:

Chat functionality will not be affected.

For Hipchat data center, we can turn to View or Update your Hipchat Data Center license to see what happens when your license expires:

  • You won't be able to add or create new users.
  • You won't be able to reactivate existing "disabled" user accounts.
  • Guest users will no longer be able to log in.
  • Mobile push notifications will no longer work. 
  • You won't be eligible for Atlassian Support.

I hope this helps to answer this part of your concerns.

It answers the question. It's completely ridiculous. What an absolute waste: engineering resources went into implementing this, less than a year ago, based on the recent promise of a supported platform. 

Stephanie Grice Community Manager Jul 27, 2018

Hi @Steven Behnke I understand how frustrated you are and how unexpected this is. I don't have answers to all of your questions (yet) but I do have an answer to this one, as it was covered in the FAQ. After a license expires, customers will no longer be able to open a support ticket or upgrade their Hipchat Server or Data Center version.

The following functionality is disabled when a Hipchat Server or Data Center subscription expires:

  • Adding additional users

  • Adding new apps or integrations

Re: migration date, the end-of-life dates for each products are below:

  • Stride: 15 Feb 2019

  • Hipchat: 15 Feb 2019

  • Hipchat Data Center (v3.0): 22 Jun 2019

  • Hipchat Data Center (v3.1): 26 Sep 2019

  • Hipchat Server (v2.1): 8 Dec 2018

  • Hipchat Server(v2.2): 30 May 2019 

  • Hipchat Server (v2.4): 30 Jun 2020


I'm working on getting you answers to the rest of your questions and want to get all of your concerns addressed. 

I don't really know how you can assuage this. 

We needed a chat platform. We did research and after a long time landed on hipchat. We had to pull teeth to get users to move to it. We transitioned bots and automations over to hipchat. 

We just bought more licenses, but long enough ago I can't get a refund.

i have no platform and no migration. We either need to get ourselves migrated, an effort Atlassian is forcing us through, or simply archive the old data and start fresh. 

ive been telling my user base that the platform was here to stay! Atlassian has made me a damn liar, and trashed my good will. 

I don't think you 'get' how freaking stupid this is. We just finished our migration TO HipChat. "Oh, you have plenty of time to migrate" WE AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE MIGRATING AGAIN! This was supposed to be a supported, stable platform, a LIE Atlassian SOLD. We are supposed to be working on new work, new projects, valuable improvements -- Instead now I need to panic and move our chat elsewhere.

This would be hilarious if it didn't completely thrash the relationship I have with Atlassian.

No no no, but @Stephanie Grice understands how frustrated you are! You don't get it. She understands!

I'm working on getting you answers to the rest of your questions and want to get all of your concerns addressed.

(implying that @Joff will allow Atlassian will do anything of the sort)

@Tim HoweI do understand, thank you for emphasizing. 

You may want to review the Community Guidelines on bullying: "If you’re deliberately trying to offend, bully, or provoke someone, our moderators will step in. It’s okay to disagree, we just ask that you keep it amicable." 

Community Managers, such as myself, are only trying to help.

Tom Crespi Community Leader Jul 30, 2018

@Stephanie Grice Appropriate for you to call out the Community Guidelines. While I lost my online Community Champion status I'm still a Community Champion in spirit (and through other activities).

There are ways to express frustration and disappointment that don't 'get in the gutter', that share your pain, appeal for solutions and perhaps even suggest some in a business like, community-appropriate, manner.

Atlassian has values that they publicly share and I think we can expect them to adhere to them. The news has only been out for a few days, give it time, and keep sharing!

Atlassian has values that they publicly share and I think we can expect them to adhere to them. 

Funny you should say that, because one of their values is "Don’t #@!% the customer". I think most people in this thread would agree that they've failed to do that.

Tom Crespi Community Leader Aug 07, 2018

@Black Hat  That statement was made knowing the Atlassian values and that one is one of them I was referring to.  My next sentence, after the one you quoted, mentions 'give it time'.  I understand we all might have different senses of what that might be. 

Listen, I am a customer too and I get the frustration, but at the end of the day Atlassian has to do what's right for their business.  That ship has sailed now, so what's left is for Atlassian to figure out how best to take care of their loyal customers whom this change is affecting. I'm suggesting that I believe they will, but they need time to figure out how to best do that. 

And consider this - how many companies in a similar circumstance would have a page like this allowing the comments to fly.  This is valuable information to them and I'd be shocked if something positive doesn't come out of it. You can't please everyone all the time, but let's see if they try to address some of the expressed concerns. 


This is pretty stupid. Why kill off products that many companies still use? There are some who don't want, or can't use, Slack. Reasons may range from "My business doesn't like Slack because (reason here)" or "Cloud chat services are just too risky for us." This is telling those customers to go somewhere else or go outside of their comfort zone they've had for years using HipChat for example. On behalf of all your customers, I hope you respond to us on this before you start to see customers leave in droves. Thank you.

goldsmith Atlassian Team Jul 27, 2018

Hi @Adam The Chespin - understand that some companies may not want to use Slack.  The migration tools provided for both cloud and on-premise versions of Hipchat do not require you to use Slack - they'll produce an export that can be imported into any compatible product, either cloud or on-premise, at the customer's discretion.

You can see more details for the on-premise versions here:

Hi there, my company bought HipChat DataCenter on april 18 for one of my clients, i been trying to integrate with Jira with the help of Hipchat support team for about a month with no success.

The Hipchat technician told me last friday that its better to move to Slack at this point rather than trying to intagre, i spoke with my client and they agree, the problem its now im outside by 8 days of 90 days refund policy, can i speak to someone to sort out this, maybe get a partial refund to invest that money on slack?


Stephanie Grice Community Manager Jul 31, 2018

@Roberto Vargas You'll want to create a request here:

Select "Partnership with Slack" and then select "Purchasing/Refund Questions", and the team will get back to you asap. 

Thank you!

There are currently no official Slack integrations for Confluence CloudBitbucket Server and Bamboo Server

These integrations are already available in HipChat and are essential. When will these integrations be made available?

In addition, will there be a no-cost integration between Atlassian’s products and Slack?

It's been three weeks and no answer. Not even an acknowledgement of this question. Looks like I was correct in my other comment.

Anyway, I look forward to the silence and non-answers from Atlassian on this. Should be good! 👍 

Stephanie Grice Community Manager Jul 27, 2018

@Maria Martin Civiac I replied on your other thread as well but dropping this link here, too!

Good morning @Joff
We have a comunity license with Atlassian.
I have tried to get a non profit license at Slack, however it didnt work as planned
I have registered our foundation at techsoup, seems to be the company they work with for such cases and everything was fine.
but today they sent me an email saying "Thanks for applying for Slack for Nonprofits.

I'm sorry to say that it appears your organization doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria (https://get.slack.he…204368833-Slack-for-Nonprofits) for the program at the moment.

According to our research, your organization is categorized as a Private Operating Foundation, which isn’t eligible for Slack for Nonprofits at this time."

Is there anything Atlassian can do to influence that decision? I understand it is not possible to get the non-profit license right now, but could you please try and harmonise the non-profit criteria with them so your non-profit customers are not affected by their criteria? In my opinion anyone that has a community license at Atlassian, should directly get a non-profit status with them. Otherwise your community holders are left without any chat option.

Thank you for your understanding and best regards,

1 vote
Stefanie Chernow Marketplace Partner Aug 02, 2018

Hi there - I wanted to chime in that if you are looking for a solution moving forward, Atlassian has a network of Solution Partners who can help you on a one-on-one basis. At Valiantys, we've posted some details on this new partnership between Atlassian and Slack, and you are likewise welcome to get in touch with us to discuss your options - whatever that might look like for your business. 


Have you looked at migrating to on-premise XMPP software?  There are many options available here:

WhatsApp is based on XMPP to is it a protocol that definitely works!

0 votes
Deleted user Aug 02, 2018

We will be moving from Stride to MS Teams, which we already have and I can't justify the additional cost for Slack.  I don't see any way to export out of Stride or migrate so we are going to make a cut over.  How can I delete the content we had in Stride?  I can only see how to archive rooms, not delete them.  I am the admin, so if I remove everyone's access and cancel my subscription, can I then ask Atlassian to delete all of our past content?

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All good things come to an end - thanks to all our customers and partners who have been along the Hipchat and Stride journey with us.  As of Feb 15th 2019, Hipchat Cloud and Stride have reached ...

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