Any U.S. Government agencies interested in or currently using Jira Cloud?

I assume most agencies are using Jira on-prem, but I'm interested to know if others have ventured down the cloud path and what you found.  Please feel free to ping me directly at william.shelton@cfpb.gov



I am also very interested to find out who else out there is using JIRA in the cloud. I work at an insurance company that has to conform as a financial entity. We are currently in the cloud but are evaluating overall security with all our software.

Any updates on this topic? I'm working with another agency that is interested in using Jira Cloud & BitBucket, but will be impeded because Atlassian and their products are not on the FedRAMP list yet, as far as I can tell as of today.

Same here.  FedRAMP is the blocking issue for us as well.

@Jeff Neet @Alex Sutherland

Can you two reach out to me directly?  I have an update.  william.shelton@cfpb.gov



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